D'Urville 1833 - Church of Umatac, Guam.

The arrival of U.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew at Guam Airport.

A scenic view of Guam.

An early view of the Agana Bus Terminal, Guam.

Pre-1920 postcard of the Agana Ice Plant, Guam.

Pre-1920 postcard of an avenue of palms, Guam.

Pre-1920 postcard of the capital city, Agana, Guam.

Mission home grounds, Guam.

Boy and Carabao in Guam.

Coral rock terraces on the coast of Guam.

World War 2 photograph of U.S. Marine Navy, Guam, 1944.

U.S.S. Le Jeune on its 1946 voyage to Guam.

Main Street, Asan Village, Guam.

Guam Postcards and Picture Galleries
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