Latte Stone Park in Agana. Ancient Chamorros built houses on top
 of parallel rows of these column and capstone foundations.
Photo: Courtesy of In-Depth Photography, Guam, and copyright

Two Lovers Point on Puntan dos Amantes
 as seen from across Tumon Bay.

Fort Soledad vista point overlooks the village of Umatac
and a panoramic Guam coastline. This guard house is a part
of an early Spanish fort overlooking the bay where Magellan first
made contact with the Chamorros. Spanish galleons trading between
 Mexico and the Philippines would wait out the typhoon season here.

The idyllic setting known as Gongonga Beach can
be reached by walking along the shore to the far end of
 Tumon Bay in the direction of Two Lovers Point.

Umatak Bay as seen from Fort Soledad.

This Japanese fighter plane can be
explored by scuba diving in Guam waters.

An aerial view of Agna Bay with Alupat Island,
ocean activities, and the surrounding hotels.

The natural beauty and culture of Guam. This throw-net
fisherman will soon return home with the evening's meal.

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