The island of Molokai remains a sparsely settled enclave of scenic and inconsistencies. Born of the fiery outpourings from three long extinct volcanoes, the little island of 38 miles by 10 miles divides evenly between arid farmland and mountain ranges. Most of the land is owned by the Molokai ranch.

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Left: Siloama Church first built in 1871 marks the site of the original leper colony on Molokai.
Right: Many people choose to live on the isolated mountain peninsulas of the northern Molokai Island.

Father Damien served the outcasts of the leper colony
for sixteen years until 1889 when he too died of their disease.

Once banished because of their fearful disease, leprosy victims were put ashore to die at a
colony established in 1866 at Kalawao. Isolated by 2,000 foot cliffs, the windswept peninsula
 became a natural prison for thousands of disfigured souls.

Left: Molokai is known as the home of the hula which is performed at any social function.
Right: A pure Polynesian lady tends her taro patch as she has done for almost all her life.
The plant is ground to make poi, for centuries a staple food of the island people.

The business centre of Kaunakakai retains a wild west charm
with an oriental flavour lent by Japanese-American merchants.

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Molokai, Hawaii

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