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The islands of Hawaii are as diverse as they are beautiful. From tropical palm-lined beaches to snow-capped mountains they are all part of the diverse and complex beauty of Hawaii. The images below portray some of the diverse and enchanting aspects of Hawaiian society.


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Beside the crater Halemaumau on the Big Island of Hawaii, a group of dancers give thanks for the goddess Pele after winning the annual contest for the ancient hula. Enthusiasm for the hula is a prominent feature of Hawaii's cultural renaissance. The majority of dancers are haoles (white Caucasian Americans) or hapa-haoles (Asian Americans), new Hawaiians in search of an identity. They do not speak the Hawaiian language, and barely comprehend the chants which accompany their dancing - those remain the jealously guarded property of the dance choreographers, descendants of Polynesian Hawaiians.

Pacific Islands Radio 64kbps FM Stereo

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Ala Moana, Hawaii

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Spectacular view of Hawaii's "canyon"

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Spectacular harbour view, Hawaii

Diamond-Head-Lighthouse. waterfall

Left: View from Diamond Head, Hawaii. Photo: David R. Huskins.
Right: Waterfall, Big Island, Hawaii.

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Beach scene, Big Island, Hawaii

Treasured historical site, Big Island, Hawaii


Kamehameha Statue

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Snow-capped mountain, Big Island, Hawaii

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Honolulu-distant-clouds.jpg (24595 bytes)

Honolulu views

Diamond-Head-View-Ocean.jpg (21865 bytes)

Ocean view from Diamond Head, Hawaii


Honolulu from Diamond Head

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Ocean view

Honolulu-at-night.jpg (24482 bytes)

Honolulu at night

Honolulu-clouds-view1.jpg (24463 bytes)

Honolulu-sunny-view2.jpg (26420 bytes)

The above images are contrasting day and night views of Honolulu.
Photos: David R. Huskins.

dancer          Honolulu

Left: Cultural dancer, Hawaii. Right: View of Honolulu. Photo: David R. Huskins.


Beach Scene, Hawaii, the land of perpetual sunshine where
the cult of the body beautiful flourishes. The tattoo is Samoan.

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The rare beauty of the Honolulu sunsets.
Photos: David R. Huskins.

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