The following are a collection of Hawaii postcards
that portray the beauty of the hula dance.

Girls dressed in traditional Hawaii costumes

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The above eight images are hula dancers, 1930

Hula dancer, 1890

 Holoku hula, Hawaii, 1945

 Hula dancer, Hawaii, 1951

Early image of hula dancers, Hawaii

Hula dancers, Hawaii, 1950


Hula dancing used in promotional advertising

Hula dancers, Hawaii, 1930's

Hula on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

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Hula dancers, Hawaii

Hawaii Postcards and Picture Galleries


Molokai Ka Hula Piko (Hawaii) (15th May)

Molokai's premier Hula festival is Ka Hula Piko. The Hawaiian legend tells us that Laka, goddess of the Hula, gave birth to the dance at Molokai, at a sacred place in Ka'ana. Hawaiians celebrate the birth of Hula on Molokai.

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