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Christmas/New Year 2012 Edition
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Jane's Oceania Home Page Newsletter &
Jane's Pacific Islands Radio Newsletter
Christmas/New Year 2012 Edition
Special Christmas/New Year 2012 Message
To All Subscribers, Family and Friends

The Year 2011 brought with it a number of changes
that may well have long term implications for the
people of the Pacific/Oceania region. These changes
are very significant and are happening at an ever
increasing and alarming rate. Some of these changes
were addressed by the Pacific Islands Forum held in
New Zealand this year, last September 2011. In
particular, the Forum addressed the issue of Global
Warming although no long-term and satisfactory
conclusion to address this problem emerged from the
Forum. The Forum failed to address the issues of
Papua and colonization in the Pacific particularly

On a broader issue, the Asia-Pacific Economic
Cooperation (APEC) summit heard an address by
Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State,
in which she said that the region is destined to
become "the world's centre of gravity." She predicted
a much greater role of United States in the Asia-Pacific
region. This line was also pursued by the United States
President Barack Obama on his subsequent visit to
Australia in November 2011.

It is apparent that the greater interest of the United
States in this region will result in some significant
power plays between the United States and China. This,
in part, is a result of China building up a considerable
interest in the region at a time when it was neglected
by the United States. The implications of this will be
discussed in further detail in our January/February 2012
Newsletter which will be sent out early in January 2012.     

Certainly, the recent visits of the President of the
United States, Barack Obama (which came closely after
the visit of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip)
brought back to me many early recollections of a strong
British and American military presence in the Oceania
region and, in particular Christmas Island (Kiribati)
during the visit of Prince Philip in April 1959. During
World War II the United States forces were led by Evans
Carlson and his Carlson's Raiders to save the Gilberts
(Makin/Butaritari) as well as the Solomon Islands from
the Japanese.
The United States forces defeated the Japanese
after very heavy fighting on Tarawa especially the
southernmost islet of Betio where the scars of war
are still very evident today. These are only some of
the battles that were fought in the Pacific against the
Japanese to save our beloved islands. At that time, the
United States presence gave the island people a sense
of security and, in this respect, it is most pleasing
to hear in the President's speech his reassurances of
an ongoing military presence in the Asia-Pacific region.
This is particularly important in the light of an
increased Chinese presence in the Oceania region (and
to a lesser extent, a significant presence from Taiwan
and Japan).

If I may say that my dear family, along with many other
families in the Oceania region, were part of the British
Empire during that time, and they all participated in
the United States efforts to save us and to bring peace
to the region during World War II. It is because of this
that many of our people have a deep love and admiration
for the Americans they met during World War II and,
indeed, if I may add that, like many other Pacific Islanders
at that time, my given Christian names Jane Miriam Shirley
along with that of my dear brother Thomas were taken from
some lifelong friends (husband and wife) of my dear Dad
(Robert Resture) made during that time and with whom he
worked as a young Coastwatcher (Wireless Operator) during
WWII. These bonds are very strong even to this day and
our families still keep in touch with families of these
wonderful people in the United States including the
Rickenbacker family. It was Eddie Rickenbacker who was
lost at sea during WW2 and was rescued by Tuvaluan people.
Indeed, there are many similar stories and many families
who still keep in touch after all this time. Certainly,
we have never forgotten that it was the Americans who
saved us during World War II.

It is for this reason that I find it most reassuring to hear
President Obama signalled an increased American
presence throughout the region once again including
stationing United States troops in Australia near Darwin,
Northern Territory.     

On another subject, I have been undertaking "out of the
norm" research which I have now resurrected, to share
with you, from my "personal basket". This most exciting
research based on DNA analysis has taken me on a very
interesting and exciting journey which prompted me to
share it with you, should you wish, for our mutual benefit.
I am very pleased to be able to say that this Genetic
Journey of my humble self: "Jane Resture's Genetic Journey"
can be viewed at the following URL:

As a resident of the Australian Gold Coast, I am very happy
to be able to share with you that the Australian Gold Coast
has won the right to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games!
The main stadium (Metricon Stadium, Carrara, Gold Coast)
is in close proximity from where I currently live. Hopefully,
we will see many of our fine Oceania/Pacific Islands athletes/
sports people bringing great credit to themselves and their
countries/islands during these Games.

To all our most valued Pacific Islands Radio Listeners and
Friends of our Pacific Islands Radio, it truly gives me
immense pleasure to be able to say that a new logo has
been heartily compiled and put into place during the last
This logo highlights the beauty of the Ocean/Sea
and the remarkable marine life it contains. I do hope that
you like and enjoy our new logo.
By the way, it is with great pleasure to be able to share
with you some of the new tracks proudly featured last
November 2011 on our Pacific Islands Radio Playlist for
your listening enjoyment provided by our good friend:
Bobby Pileggi from Hawaii. The first of these by Soul
Smooth is "Everything In My Life" and is bound to make
some new fans for this established group. Josh Tatofi
has an exciting new release "I Don't Need You" which is
a very 'catchy' song bound to be very popular. Steppas 
are a popular Roots Reggae band and we are proud to
feature two of their tracks: "Good Roots" and "Hits".
Also, we have two new Dance Hall tracks from Arkangel
Feat. L.A. Lewis from Jamaica, entitled: "Starlight" (remix)
and "Key Of Life". In addition, we have two new rock
tracks for the alternative formats, one is called, “Make It
Right,” by Nuff Sedd and the other is “Waiting On You,”
by Mondokane, with thanks again to Bobby Pileggi. Both
are awesome tracks, composed and recorded in Hawaii
with Aloha! Please enjoy! :-)))
PS: New arrivals 16/12/11: "Christmas Day", "Dear Santa",
"It's Christmas Time Again", "My First Christmas With You",
"One For The Holidays" and "Where's The Snow" from
Bobby Pileggi
From the Republic of Kiribati are some beautiful and
traditional songs kindly made available by my good friend,
Louisa Butcher. These songs are proudly featured on our
Playlist and include: "Uringai ma Tangirai" (Maiana) by
Nei Akineti Tiare and "Te Bong Are Te Kaabong", Kiribati
Traditional Love Songs; "Katioa Raoi Manin Abara" by
one of our popular Kiribati singers - Bata Teinamati from
Onotoa/Fiji (Rabi), including the following: "Natiu E Aera
Ngkai"; "Iangoan Au Man"; "Kabonako Taai"; "Boton Te
Kai", and many more including those from other very
talented artists: Betania Gospel Singers: "21 Ririki n
Inaomata"; "Ana Kawa Te Atua"; "Inanon Maiu"; "Kam
Na Kimareirei"; "Karawa Ma Aonaba"; "Lord Help Me";
"Make A Joyful Noise"; "Te Korakai"; "Te Nnen Aroka"
and "Ti Ongo Bwanaia Anera" - all from their excellent
Album: "Te 12 N Turai 2000"!  
From Fiji we have: Black Rose - "The Voice"; "Lante";
"Valu Ni Vanua", etc. From Chuuk: Pat Martinez: "Pwipwi
Ne Kopse Sinei"; "Non Menni Year" and one of my all time
favourites: Melissa Gosselin - "Kua Akatipitipi/10 Guitars"
(Cook Islands); Lia Osborne: "Sha la la" - Going Troppo;
"Pacifika" (Fiji); Samoan Songs, including: "Siva Samoa',
"Silver Boys", "Matalasi", etc. by the Silver Boys; Tahitian
Beat: "Tahiti Summer", "Sweet Darling" "Ku'u Aloha" and
many more.
Te Vaka "Tutuki", "Te Kaiga", "Samulai", "Tamahana" and
more; From Hawaii, we have the incomparable Israel
Kamakawiwo'ole: "Henehene Kou'aka", "Over the Rainbow/
What a Wonderful World", etc.; The Auckland Pacific Gospel
Choir - Through The Years Album: "Pasifika"; "Praise Him";
"Give My Life To Him"; etc. From Yap: Xavier Fethal - "Island
Girl", "Beautiful Pohnpei", "Give Love On Christmas Day",
etc. Black Paradise from West Papua: "Awin Sup Ine", the 
popular "Metamani", etc.; from Palau: "Ktuu Ra Bar",
"Mantekano", "Mengewid", "Omerael", "Rita D", etc. -
Palau Compilation - and many more! :-))   
The above are just a very small selection from the many
tracks now proudly featured on our Playlist. Thank you 
very much! At the moment, the Playlist goes continuously
for over two days before it plays again from the start.
Further new additions are now in place to be incorporated
into the Playlist during the Festive Season!!:-))

If I may, I would sincerely like to thank all our many
Friends and Subscribers who have written in so many
interesting, considerate, most thoughtful, happy and very
kind letters. It will surely be my great pleasure to include
these precious and cherished letters in our next January/
February 2012 edition, not to mention my personal replies
to them all.

Finally, I would like to extend to all of you, our valued
Subscribers, the Compliments of the coming Festive Season
for a Blessed Christmas and a very Happy and Prosperous
New Year 2012, along with all our dear Family and Friends
every Success with Good Health, Happiness, Peace and
Prosperity!  May our God bless us all this day and always!
As usual, I look forward to the pleasure of your company
next time - during January/February in the coming New Year
2012! Until then, take good care my dear Friends and enjoy
the Festive Season!

Jane Resture

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Sent out to all subscribers in E-mail format and placed here on Web site format on 2nd December 2011
Contents and formats of this Newsletter are:
Copyright © 1999-2011 by Jane Resture
Owner, Webmaster and Broadcaster: Jane Resture 
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