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The Opening of Parliament House
14th October 2000

The opening of the Kiribati Parliament House was a memorable occasion attended by both members of the public and dignitaries alike. The ceremony commenced with the arrival of the traditional Kiribati war canoe complete with warriors in traditional Kiribati armour. There were many speeches, a march past and inspection by His Excellency President Teburoro Tito. Also featured was the beautiful opening dancing (mwaie) by the dancers from Noto, North Tarawa, and the singers who provided the songs including one especially composed for the occasion while the President, Speaker, Ministers, Secretaries and their wives along with invited guests inspected the interior of the magnificent new Kiribati Parliament House.

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Aerial photograph of Kiribati Parliament House, Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati
Courtesy Tawaia Buibui of Kiribati


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