The Postcards and Picture Galleries on the Web sites
below provide a chance to view images that represent many
interesting facets of this diverse and fascinating Micronesian nation.

Kiribati lady, Nas (*Nasaleta Resture, sister of Jane Resture)
*Nasaleta is Tuvaluan/Polynesian name for Nazareth

Soak in the enchanting sounds of the sun-drenched
Oceania/Pacific Islands coming to you in 64kbps FM Stereo!


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Aerial photograph of Kiribati Parliament House, Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati
Courtesy Tawaia Buibui of Kiribati
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Image on Pacific Islands Monthly (PIM) Cover, 1969 - 1st from left - Louisa Murdoch:
2nd Nei Tarawa: 3rd Louisa Foua: 4th Rosa Muller: 5th Tetangi Pine: 6th Aonga Tili:
7th Taoati Tooki: 8th Taberauea Yeeting: 9th Lucy Muller: 10th Nei Nterei
Courtesy: Rust In Peace by Bruce Adams
Kiribati and Tuvalu Association (KTA) - Annual Reunion 2004
'Bathing Lagoon' , Kiritimati, Line Islands, Kiribati
Kiribati sitting dance (te bino), Bairiki, Tarawa
Kiribati dancers performing at
the annual dancing competition, Bairiki, Tarawa
Kiribati singers and dancers welcome visitors
to Fanning Island, 25th February 2004

Christmas Island Operation Grapple, 1957
Kiribati canoes line the shore of
 South Tarawa lagoon before the start of a race

Oceania Postcards and Picture Galleries

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The anthology can be accessed by clicking on the 'Broadcast Schedule' after logging in to Micronesia Music Radio. This should allow you to determine when the anthology is available in your part of the world. For example, in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia, the anthology is available at 12 noon each Saturday. In Kiribati, the anthology is available each Saturday afternoon at 2 pm; California at 7 pm each Friday evening; New York at 10 pm each Friday evening, along with Florida and Boston, Massachusetts, USA, etc.

The anthology runs for 90 minutes in which the traditional chants are introduced, including many from Kiribati, followed by the beautiful songs of Micronesia. Thank you!

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With an extended running time of three hours, the gospel collection has proved to be extremely popular and features music of a number of very talented artists such as Bata Teinamati, Betania Gospel Singers and Emmaus Family Singers (Republic of Kiribati), Lia Osborne (Fiji), Vanessa Quai (Vanuatu), Aoloau Youth Choir (Samoa), and The Auckland Pacific Gospel Choir.

Please monitor the Broadcast Schedule of the above three Pacific Islands Radio stations for the availability and time of the Gospel Music collection. At present, this exciting collection is available every Sunday from 12 midday to 3 pm Australian eastern standard time.

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