The second largest and most densely populated of the Solomon Islands, many of the inhabitants live in the jungle-clad interior.

AUKI: This is the main town and administrative centre and can be reached by ferry as well as regular flights from Solomon Airlines and Western Pacific Air Services from Honiara.

LANGA LANGA LAGOON: The artificial islands are home to the famous shark callers, and Laulasi which has large spirit houses with high-pitched roofs. There are organised day trips from Honiara and Auki.

LILISIANA: This village is home to a unique culture which originated on the artificial reef islands in Langa Langa lagoon. Observe shell money being manufactured and enjoy the golden beaches.

AOFIA, MAE'AENA, ANOANO AND ALITE: These cultural villages can be visited by arrangement.

MANA'AFE, AUMEA AND URU: These villages can also be visited by arrangement in a day trip from Auki.

BUSU CULTURAL VILLAGE: This is one of the unique areas where visitors can arrange to see cultural demonstrations.

Solomon Islander

For further information, contact: Cultural Tourism Officer, Auki, C/- Malaita Tourism Associations, Malaita Province; Telephone: +677 40250, Facsimile: +677 40017

Map of the Solomon Islands Provinces

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