This Web site draws together a wide range of Oceania material in order to allow visitors to access this information from a common source. This information includes an extensive range of Oceania mythology, ethnology, tribal art, postcards as well as links to the home pages of the countries/islands of Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia.

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Kiribati canoes line the shore of
 South Tarawa lagoon before the start of a race

A close-up of the Kiribati sword shown in full (right).
Details of the shark's teeth and the method of
construction can be clearly seen (above).

Outrigger sail canoe, Bora Bora, Tahiti

Papua New Guinea stone tapa pounder

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Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House


Sydney Opera House

The great mass of Ayers Rock. This was an important totemic site for the people of this
area of central Australia, who called it Uluru. They said that it rose out of a large flat sandhill.


        Left: Hawaii hula dancer. Right: Cook Islands dancers.         

Professional dancers performing traditional dance, Tahiti

Fire dancer, Samoa

Soak in the enchanting sounds of the sun-drenched Oceania/Pacific Islands coming to you 24/7 Live365 in 128kbps FM Stereo!

A carved canoe prow ornament of blackened
wood inlaid with mother of pearl from Maravo lagoon
in New Georgia, Solomon Islands. Attached just above
 the water line, it represented the protector spirit of the canoe.
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Mat from Funafuti, Tuvalu

A traditional tapa from Tonga

Fort Soledad vista point overlooks the village of Umatac
and a panoramic Guam coastline. This guard house is a part
of an early Spanish fort overlooking the bay where Magellan first
made contact with the Chamorros. Spanish galleons trading between
 Mexico and the Philippines would wait out the typhoon season here.

My Wish
by Jane Resture
The frigate bird
The flying fish
It is time for us
To make a wish
And I wish for the sunrise
To be beautiful each time
With days that are perfect
And nights so sublime
And I wish for the sunset
To be like a long red sail
Each and every day
And you and I will always stay
Whatever we wish
Will surely come true
And I wish for happiness
For me and you
And I wish for the world
To live in peace
To live and love as one
To a simple beat
And I wish for us all
To have our lives full of love
Full of joy and happiness
And eternal love
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