The Pacific Islands

The islands of the Pacific, with their beauty and romance, have always gripped man's imagination. Raised above the sea, in wondrous and spectacular splendour, they shimmer like an oasis. For those of us in need of solitude and adventure, these beautiful tropical islands also offer an escape - a place of refuge, serenity and excitement. In their greenness and freshness, the islands conjure up visions of unending youth and a heavenly paradise - crystal sea, sparkling white sand and surf, golden yellow rays of sunshine - a dawn to night sky of an impressive array of superb colours - from sapphire blue to topaz and turquoise, garnet and ruby to amethyst, citrine, peridot and emerald to the unique mystique of a theatrical curtain of exquisite Tahitian black pearl and onyx, gloriously enhanced by a galaxy of brilliant starlight diamonds - encapsulated by the jubilant embrace of delightfully cool prevailing trade winds. Of these wonderful dream-worlds, it is Oceania that offers the most beautiful, enchanting and magnificent chains of pure and natural multicoloured gem-clustered islands.

For those of us who are in big stressful cities like Melbourne, Australia, we can only dream of holidays in the Pacific. In the mean time a relaxing session of Transcendental Meditation will probably do the trick of helping recharge one's batteries.





The term Oceania is normally used to designate all the islands of the Central and the South Pacific including Australia (continent), New Zealand, and sometimes the Malay Archipelago. On this Web site, the focus is primarily directed towards the Pacific Islands of Melanesia (including Papua - formerly Irian Jaya), Micronesia and Polynesia (including the Polynesian nation of Hawai'i), as well as both Australia and New Zealand.



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The images of Oceania are both diverse and fascinating.

The photos on this Web site provide an indication of the diversity of the people,

their unique culture as well as the history and geography of the countries of Oceania.


In addition to the photo images of Oceania, this Web site also contains Links to

extensive postcards and picture galleries of almost all the islands and countries of Oceania.



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Ellewies Foon, Lavinia Dreaver (Edwards), Louisa Butcher (Foua), Miss South Pacific 2011:
Joyana Meyer, Rosa Norman (Muller), Stella Copeland and Stella Gibbs.
Pasifika 2011, New Zealand
Courtesy Louisa Butcher
Tuvalu dancers from Nukulaelae, kindly made available by Michael Naisali who was
one of the many visitors attending and enjoying this Pasifika Festival 2011, New Zealand
Courtesy Michael Naisali

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Rosa Norman (Muller), Stella Copeland, Louisa Butcher (Foua), Louisa Humphry (Murdoch)
Stella Gibbs, Lavinia Dreaver (Edwards), Joanna Chan (Kum Kee), Ellewies Foon
Pasifika 2011, New Zealand
Courtesy Louisa Butcher
The young Tuvalu dancers from Nukulaelae, kindly made available by Michael Naisali who was
one of the many visitors attending and enjoying this Pasifika Festival 2011, New Zealand
Courtesy Michael Naisali

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Hula dancer, Hawaii
Samoan Queen, 1920
Some of the finalists for the title of Miss Tahiti 2003
Photo: Courtesy of photographer C. Durocher,
Tahitipresse (www.tahitipresse.pf)
Tapa cloth, Kingdom of Tonga
Beautiful and colourful dancers from Tahiti
Papua New Guinea boy in traditional costume
Fire dancer, Samoa
Cook Islands dancers
Samoan winger, Lome Fa'atau, shows off his traditional
Samoan tattoo (pe'a) during the Rugby World Cup 2003
 held in Australia.  Lome said, that the pe'a was
a way for young Samoan men to honour their heritage
and show respect for their culture.  The pe'a
took nine days to complete with the entire
operation being carried out with a pig's tooth
attached to a drum stick. 

Papua New Guinea Chief

Tuvalu ladies: Mrs Naisali and Tilesa Pasefika, Pasifika 2011, New Zealand

Courtesy Michael Naisali

Miss South Pacific 2011: Joyana Meyer with Teo from Tuvalu (Nukulaelae)
at the Pasifika 2011, New Zealand - Courtesy Michael Naisali 

Louisa Humphry (Murdoch), Stella Gibbs, Peter McQuarrie, Louisa Butcher (Foua),
Joanna Chan (Kum Kee), Lavinia Dreaver, Ellewies Foon, Rosa Norman (Muller), Stella Copeland
Pasifika 2011, New Zealand
Courtesy Louisa Butcher

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Mat from Tuvalu (Funafuti)




Tahitian girl wearing the beautiful black pearls of Tahiti




The above images are of the unique and beautiful Hawaii hula ladies, a rare 1908 image.



Two girls from the village of Pari, Papua New Guinea




The above two images capture the beauty of the Hawaiian hula dancers and their traditional costumes!


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My Wish
by Jane Resture
The frigate bird
The flying fish
It is time for us
To make a wish
And I wish for the sunrise
To be beautiful each time
With days that are perfect
And nights so sublime
And I wish for the sunset
To be like a long red sail
Each and every day
And you and I will always stay
Whatever we wish
Will surely come true
And I wish for happiness
For me and you
And I wish for the world
To live in peace
To live and love as one
To a simple beat
And I wish for us all
To have our lives full of love
Full of joy and happiness
And eternal love


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American Samoa postcard


Tahiti waterfall



For the aircraft enthusiasts, Gatwick Aviation Museum in England, has a unique collection of British aircraft from the "golden age" of British aircraft manufacture. From the end of WWII until the 1970s British aircraft designers produced some of the most innovative and advanced aircraft of the day. In this collection, there are examples from the major manufacturers of this period. Amongst the list are classic names, English Electric, Avro, de Havilland, Hawker, Fairey, Blackburn and Percival.   




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