The images on this Web site were taken during an Oceania voyage
which followed the route of Captain James Cook.

Young women of Rurutu in the Austral Group weave mats from pandanus leaves.
The long stiff leaves are cut from the tree, dried, soaked in sea water,
dried again, then cut into long strips of braiding.

A large Fijian kava bowl.


A mother and daughter at home in Tahiti.


Left: The canoe still remains one of the main forms of transportation throughout the Pacific Islands.
Right: The volcanic cliffs of Fatu Hiva plunge into Hanavave Bay, Marquesas Islands.

Two beauties from the Cook Islands.

A large wooden carving which decorated the stern of an Austral Islands canoe.

In Hawaii, a large statue of Lono stands twice human size in an ancient
sacred place of refuge for breakers of tabu, or anyone else in danger of death.

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