Samoa is a land with a diverse and colourful history. This series of images provides an interesting platform from which to view the history of this most fascinating of Polynesian nations.

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adia.jpg (27333 bytes)

Early image of Apia, Samoa.

apia_harbour.jpg (25141 bytes)

Apia harbour.

church.jpg (28058 bytes)

Church destroyed by volcanic activity.

fale.jpg (45881 bytes)

Early Samoan scene.

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Beautiful Samoan girls.

hospital.jpg (29822 bytes)

Government Hospital, Apia, Samoa.

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apiaharbor.jpg (7987 bytes)

bananas.jpg (18058 bytes)

Early Samoan postcards.

dance.jpg (49241 bytes)

Sitting dance, Samoa.

volcano.jpg (22583 bytes)

volcano1.jpg (23533 bytes)

Volcanic activity along the Samoan coastline.

volcano2.jpg (32050 bytes)

Mouth of the volcanic crater on Savaii, Samoa.

Samoa Postcards and Picture Galleries

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