Early images of Samoan Kings, Tamasese and Malietoa as well as historical
images of Samoa are some of the interesting images on this web site.

Samoa Stamps featuring Hurricanes.

Gathering Coconuts, Paga Pago, Samoa, 1935.

First Day Cover, 1939.

 Postcard, Apia, Samoa.

Buying tapa cloth, Samoa.

Samoa postcard to Tonga, 1992.

Samoan dance.

Spanish Mission, Tutuila Island.

Postcards from Samoa, 1920.

King and Deputy King of Samoa, 1898.

 Engraving of Apia Samoa, 1894
(including Tamasese (left) and Maliatoa).
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Samoa Postcards and Picture Galleries
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