The following Samoa images were mainly taken during the period
1910 to 1912 by a member of the crew of a German Warship visiting Samoa.
The exception is the QSL Card which is dated 30th June, 1947.

apia.jpg (36427 bytes)

Apia harbour c. 1910.

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samoan on ship.jpg (28980 bytes)

Samoan King Mataafa

samoans on ship.jpg (29829 bytes)

Samoan King Mataafa, his wife and two daughters

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Molukken.jpg (32818 bytes)

neptune ceremony.jpg (29208 bytes)

samoa 6.jpg (38502 bytes)

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apia qsl.jpg (24494 bytes)

wreck of sms adler apia samoa.jpg (35718 bytes)

Wreck of the Adler, Apia, Samoa.

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