This Web site has been developed for the people of the Solomon Islands, the many friends of the Solomon Islands and, of course, for all our welcome visitors who would like to know a little more about these beautiful islands.

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The Solomon Islands, Treasured Islands of Melanesia and the Pacific, has something for everyone. Comprising literally thousands of large islands, small islands and islets, it has a multiplicity of cultures and diversity of people that is forever fascinating.
Indeed the Solomon islands are rich not only in the diversity of the customs, culture, rituals and lifestyle of the people, they are also generously endowed with natural resources. These natural resources include not only the mineral resources that drew Alvaro de Mendana who named it the Solomon Islands so many years ago but also the natural resources of fresh air, crystal clear waters with an abundance of  fish along with so many of the treasures that Nature has so generously endowed.


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This Web site is a starting point of a guided tour of the beautiful Solomon Islands. The Links to the left on the Menu can guide you through the Solomon Islands to observe and appreciate its natural and unique  beauty, both of the landscape and the people. Details of available accommodation in the Solomon Islands and how to get there are provided. I have also included material on the infamous Battle of Guadalcanal and the Solomon Islands along with the Coastwatchers during World War 2. In addition there is an interesting short history of these fascinating islands as well as extensive postcards and picture galleries.

Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

A Chat Room, as well as the Message Board below, are made available for the convenience of all welcome visitors. Should you require further information about the Solomon Islands and for any comments about the content of this Web site, please contact the writer at 

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit to the Solomon Islands, thank you all and lukim iu!

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Brief History of Savo
The Malaita Massacre
Lightning Meets the West Wind
Helena Goldie Hospital
Lalae Charters
As you wish ...
Beautiful, Elegant, Comfortable, Romantic.....
just some of the words that describe Lalae.
the wilderness lodge
the wilderness lodge, Marovo, Solomon Islands
An award winning village-based eco lodge. Enjoy
bushwalking, snorkelling, freediving and fishing!
SOLOMON ISLANDS the wilderness lodge
Kayaking in calm, clear water,
Kennedy Island, Solomon Islands
My Wish
by Jane Resture
The frigate bird
The flying fish
It is time for us
To make a wish
And I wish for the sunrise
To be beautiful each time
With days that are perfect
And nights so sublime
And I wish for the sunset
To be like a long red sail
Each and every day
And you and I will always stay
Whatever we wish
Will surely come true
And I wish for happiness
For me and you
And I wish for the world
To live in peace
To live and love as one
To a simple beat
And I wish for us all
To have our lives full of love
Full of joy and happiness
And eternal love
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Speech by
Jeremiah Manele, Chairman
Solomon Islands Delegation, UN Special Session On Children
Newsletter of the Kiribati-Tuvalu Association [KTA] based in Britain
Issue No. 7, November 2001
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