The following images from Tahiti, including the Marquesas
 Islands, give a rare historical insight into these islands as
they looked in the early 1900's.


Old postcard of a Tahitian beauty named Rarau.

Soak in the enchanting sounds of the sun-drenched Oceania/Pacific Islands coming to you in 64kbps FM Stereo!

Postcard to New Zealand, 1903.

Early postcard from the Marquesas Islands.

An early dancing competition.

Old postcard of Huahine.

Early postcard of an old Huahine temple.

Early postcard from the Marquesas Islands.

An engraving of the body of Chief Tee, Tahiti,
during the visit of Captain Cook, 1784.
Click on the above for a larger image.


Early postcards from Papeete.

Old postcard depicting a native village.

Climbing for coconuts, 1906.

Going fishing, 1906.

Tahiti dance.

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