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The Marquesas Islands are one of the many interesting islands in the Tahiti group. Largely volcanic in nature they have been home for thousands of years to a people with a rich and diverse cultural identity.


The Marquesas Islands lie 1,400 kilometres north-east of Tahiti and comprise twelve volcanic islands, the smaller six are uninhabited, the other six are home to 7,000 people.

A rare 1867 map of the Marquesas Islands.
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Nuku Hiva is the main island in the northern archipelago with the town of Taiohae serving as the administrative and economic centre. It is best known for its 550 metre Ahuii waterfall in the Hakaui valley.

Hanavave Bay, Marquesas Islands, 1981.

Ua Pou has imposing jagged cliffs rising from the sea and is the most populated island with a population of some 2,000 people.

Ua Huka is the smallest island and famous for its wood carvings which are considered the best in Polynesia.

An early image of a Marquesan with tattoos.

Hiva Oa in the south-eastern group is the final resting place of French artist Paul Gauguin and there is a museum dedicated to him. In the village of Puamau are the largest 'tikis' found in Polynesia.

Tahuata is the visible remains of a huge sunken volcano.

Marquesan men from a Tahiti postcard, c. 1900.

Experience the natural wonder of the Bay of Virgins on beautiful Fatu Hiva, the most southerly island.

An early postcard of a Marquesan couple.

Marquesas Island scene.

Fishing on the Marquesas Islands.

Accommodation is offered in small pensions and family homes on each island and activities include hiking on mountain trails, horseback riding, deep sea fishing and sailing.

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