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The islands of the Pacific, with their beauty and romance, have always gripped man's imagination. Raised above the sea, in wondrous and spectacular splendour, they shimmer like an oasis. For those of us in need of solitude and adventure, these beautiful tropical islands also offer an escape - a place of refuge, serenity and excitement. In their greenness and freshness, the islands conjure up visions of unending youth and a heavenly paradise - crystal sea, sparkling white sand and surf, golden yellow rays of sunshine - a dawn to night sky of an impressive array of superb colours - from sapphire blue to topaz and turquoise, garnet and ruby to amethyst, citrine, peridot and emerald to the unique mystique of a theatrical curtain of exquisite Tahitian black pearls and onyx, gloriously enhanced by a galaxy of brilliant starlight diamonds - encapsulated by the jubilant embrace of delightfully cool prevailing trade winds. Of these wonderful dream-worlds, it is Oceania that offers the most beautiful, enchanting and magnificent chains of pure and natural multicoloured gem-clustered islands.

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Beautiful and colourful Tahiti dancers


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Some of the finalists for the title of Miss Tahiti 2003
Photo: Courtesy of photographer C. Durocher, Tahitipresse (www.tahitipresse.pf)









A beautiful Tahitian lady wearing the famous black pearls of Tahiti


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