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The Trobriand Islands with a culture of self-reliance and magic has changed little over generations. Not even the missionaries have been able to alter the view of the Trobriand Islanders that their Islands are a paradise full of magic and sensuality.


Left: A village on the water at Kaileuna Islands, Trobriand Islands.
Right: A village on a southern tip of Kiriwina Island near Gilibwa.


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Left: Crowned with hibiscus, necklaced with shell beads and wild banana seeds, a boy from Kitava Island wraps himself in a sarong. At puberty, when he leaves home to share a bachelor house with other teenage boys, such ornaments will help him attract girls. Right: Crested with cockatoo feathers, a dancer adds dots of powdered coral mixed with water. He will join the feasting, singing and dancing of the yam festival. 

Dancers at the yam festival that can last more than a month

Trobriand Island woman
bathing in the waters off Kaileuna Island

In the Trobriand Islands, a shaved head and a
body blackened with charcoal are signs of mourning
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