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A Floating World

Images of the Tuvalu Environment

by Peter McQuarrie

In 1988, the author produced the first picture book of Tuvalu: Tuvalu - A Celebration of 10 Years Independence. In that book, he captured in photographs, elements of everyday life and traditional culture. The book portrayed a people and culture at a moment in time when rapid change was about to begin.

Now 20 years later, when Tuvalu is under threat of being made uninhabitable due to the effects of climate change, Peter McQuarrie turns his attention to the Tuvalu environment. In A Floating World he presents photographs from his collection which show the character of the atolls and the fragile nature of their existence. These atolls are merely tiny, low-lying pieces of bright green vegetation and blinding white coral sand, with lagoons and reefs and breaking surf. They are dotted about the vast Pacific Ocean like jewels somehow floating just above the surface of the sea.

The book contains many rare aerial photographs of the atolls which were made during the brief period (1981 – 1983) when an inter-atoll air service operated using an amphibian flying boat. It also has pictures of the effects on the environment brought about by the Second World War. There are photographs of ships and shipwrecks, aeroplanes, and the effects of storms and cyclones. Altogether there are 123 unique and interesting pictures of this remote and little known Pacific island country.

The book is organised into eight parts:

  1. The Coral Reef Boring Expedition of 1896
  2. The Second World War and its legacy
  3. Effects of storms and cyclones
  4. Ships and shipwrecks
  5. Aircraft
  6. Aerial photographs of the atolls
  7. Tepuka Savilivili – the islet that vanished
  8. The view from space

2008, Soft Cover, A4 format, 97 pages, 123 photographs, Introduction, Bibliography, Acknowledgements, Ellice Islands Press. ISBN 978-1-877479-15-1


TUVALU - A Celebration of 10 Years Independence

This book is the first book of photographs made of the Pacific Islands Country of Tuvalu. The photographer captures elements of the life of every day and the traditional culture as it was when Tuvalu became an independent country in 1978. He also records many of the events and changes which took place during the first decade following independence in the period between 1978 and 1988.

Time and tide wait for no one and now Tuvalu, one of the world’s smallest nations, is threatened by the effects of global warming which could flood its islands which are nothing more than coral atolls. These are merely tiny, low-lying pieces of bright green vegetation and blinding white coral sand, with lagoons and reefs and breaking surf.

This unique book captures a people and culture at a moment in time when rapid change was about to begin. Much of what is shown in this book no longer exists.

The book is a mixture of colour and black & white photographs, maps and drawings. The pictures are punctuated by quotations from historical sources which adds a further dimension to the record.

The book is organised into four parts:

  1. Sky & Sea
  2. The Land
  3. People
  4. Yesterday & Today

1988, Hard Cover. Limited edition of 800 copies, each copy numbered and autographed by the author. A rare and collectable book. 300 x 210 mm. Published by the Government of Tuvalu, Funafuti, Tuvalu. 104 pages, 112 photographs, 9 maps, frontispiece.

Soak in the enchanting sounds of the sun-drenched Oceania/Pacific Islands coming to you in 64kbps FM Stereo!

Jane Resture
I hear the waves on our island shore
They sound much louder than they did before
A rising swell flecked with foam
Threatens the existence of our island home.
A strong wind blows in from a distant place
The palm trees bend like never before
Our crops are lost to the rising sea
And water covers our humble floor.

Our people are leaving for a distant shore
And soon Tuvalu may be no more
Holding on to the things they know are true
Tuvalu my Tuvalu, I cry for you.

And as our people are forced to roam
To another land to call their home
And as you go to that place so new
Take a little piece of Tuvalu with you.

Tuvalu culture is rare and unique
And holds a message we all should seek
Hold our culture way up high
And our beloved Tuvalu will never die.
Our People On The Reef

The beautiful Funafuti lagoon!













Images of beautiful Nui and Nukufetau lagoons

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