By far the largest in the Solomon Islands, Western Province is 8,573 square km and has 19% of the population. Famous sights include:

Gizo Explorer Hotel

Gizo Explorer Hotel, Western Province

MAROVO LAGOON: The world's largest lagoon is under consideration for UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Western Province has some of the best diving in the world with spectacular underwater cliffs, wrecks, a submarine volcano, turtle beaches, game fishing, visits to ancient skull caves and altars, bushwalking and war relics (including Kennedy Island).

Agnes Lodge

Agnes Lodge, Munda, Western Province

Map of the Solomon Islands Provinces (Western)

Fatboys Resort, Bar, Restaurant, etc.

From the Solomon Islands, 'fatboys' at Gizo, Western Province, Solomon
Islands, is a resort that is well worth a visit.

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For further information, contact: Western Province Tourism Association, P.O. Box 56, Gizo,
Western Province; Telephone: +677 30254/60024, Facsimile +677 39240.
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