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Airline Features Adults-only Zone On One Of Its Long Haul Flights

An airline features adults-only zone on one of its long haul flights. Since the beginning of commercial air travel, people have been vocal about their dissatisfaction with the situation that arises when children are present on flights.

Jane Resture
Aug 29, 202357 Shares56682 Views
An airline features adults-only zoneon one of its long-haul flights. Since the beginning of commercial air travel, people have been vocal about their dissatisfaction with the situation that arises when children are present on flights.
If a passenger does not have a reservation in the First Class cabin—and even if they do, there is no assurance that they will not be disturbed by disruptive youngsters who are vocalizing their anguish during the flight—it seems certain that they will be in close proximity to children who are acting out during the flight.
Although a child cannot be held responsible for their own weeping, the fact that this is the case does not make the difficulties that arise any easier when five hours into a trip they have not had any opportunity to get any sleep.
There have been some passengers who have voiced their irritation and aggravation over what seems to be the continuous crying of newborns, which has led to recommendations that there should be areas on flights that are restricted to adults only.
One airline has responded to the requests and fulfilled the aforementioned demands. Corendon Airlines, a Turkish-owned airline, has implemented a policy to designate a section of their aircraft only for adult passengers aged 16 and over, with the aim of providing a tranquil flying experience.
A Corendon airplane
A Corendon airplane
The provision of this service will be limited to the Airbus A350, which has a seating capacity of 432, on flights originating from Amsterdam and destined for the Caribbean island of Curaçao. The proposed location for the item will be situated in the anterior section of the aircraft.
In this particular zone, a total of 93 seats will be made available, effectively demarcated from the remaining sections of the aircraft by the use of walls and curtains. Nevertheless, this luxury is not inexpensive. An additional €45 will be required for a one-way trip.
The cost incurred for the absence of vocalizations or distressing emotional expressions is considerable, however, certain individuals may argue that it is a worthwhile expenditure. Additionally, inside this particular zone, there exists a limited number of seats that offer an increased amount of legroom, which incurs an additional fee of €100.
According to a statement made by Atilay Uslu, the founder of Corendon, the airline endeavors to cater to the diverse requirements of its clients throughout their trips.
We also believe this can have a positive effect on parents travelling with small children. They can enjoy the flight without worrying if their children are making too much noise.- Atilay Uslu
The program, set to commence in November, will be introduced by Corendon Airlines, therefore establishing itself as the inaugural European airline to provide a designated area free from the presence of children.
AirAsia, Scoot, and IndiGo have implemented comparable child-free or 'silent' zones inside their respective airlines. AirAsia's policy restricts individuals below the age of 12 from occupying seats inside the initial seven rows of the economy class cabin, a regulation that is applicable exclusively to the long-haul flights operated by the Malaysian carrier.

Final Words

It is uncertain whether this trend will become prevalent in the aviation industry, as an increasing number of individuals seek for organizations that offer a tranquil environment, free from disturbances caused by noisy or distressed youngsters.
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