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Unveiling The Hidden Gems: Amazing Park Home Communities Around The World


Traveling the world is an extremely enriching experience in which you can experience a multitude of cultures. In this discovery, you might even find a culture where you could find yourself living permanently. For instance, park home communities have been gaining popularity globally, with more and more people searching for park homes for sale. Not only do park home communities offer a refreshing alternative to traditional housing options, but park homes also tend to be more affordable to run. Therefore, in response to the global cost of living crisis, more and more people are making the switch to picturesque park home communities everywhere.

To that end, there are a number of hidden gems globally, some of which are detailed below:


Serenèa Lifestyle Resort - Wellington, New Zealand

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First up is Serenèa Lifestyle Resort in Wellington, New Zealand. This park home community boasts the ideal combination of natural beauty and coastal living, being positioned on the stunning Kapiti Coast. As a result, residents are able to bask in beautiful wildlife, experience panoramic ocean views, and lounge on sparkly sandy beaches. This is on top of the numerous amenities that are on offer, such as the walking trails, swimming pool, and community center. New Zealand is renowned for its laid-back lifestyle, and residents are sure to experience this at this resort.

Golden Palms Village - Arizona, USA

Perhaps the ocean isn’t your thing, and you’re more of a desert dweller. If this is the case, Golden Palms Village in Arizona is for you. It’s situated in the beautiful Sonoran Desert, which promises majestic mountain views, cacti-lined landscapes, and breath-taking sunsets. That being said, this park is catered towards active seniors, with amenities such as organized social events, pickleball courts, and fitness centers on offer. It’s important to bear in mind that this park isn’t one for those who enjoy a cool climate, as you’ll be subjected to the Arizona heat all year long.

Tweed Billabong - New South Wales, Australia

If you’d like to experience park living down under, Tweed Billabong in the heart of the picturesque Tweed Valley is for you. Tweed Valley sits in the center of New South Wales, Australia, and is widely considered a tranquil escape. It promises stunning views of Mount Warning, widespread wildlife, and even a serene lakeside setting. Therefore, residents can enjoy the park’s clubhouse, BBQ areas, swimming pool, kayaking, boating, and fishing. From this, a laid-back atmosphere within a space of natural beauty is created. It’s for this reason that Tweed Billabong is considered a hidden gem for those on the hunt for an idyllic and peaceful lifestyle.

Hacienda del Alamo - Murcia, Spain

When it comes to experiencing a luxurious park home community in a sun-soaked region, you can’t go wrong with Hacienda del Alamo in Murcia, Spain. The park is abundant in Mediterranean-inspired architecture, a vibrant social scene, and landscaped gardens. As a result, residents are able to bask in a laid-back lifestyle full of sunny weather and palm trees. This is all assisted by way of various amenities, including the clubhouse, tennis courts, and swimming pools, giving plenty of opportunity for recreation and relaxation.

Forest Lakes Village - Nova Scotia, Canada

Last but certainly not least is Forest Lakes Village, which is nestled in Nova Scotia’s breath-taking landscapes. The park provides the perfect opportunity to live in the midst of stunning mountain views, tranquil lakes, and lush forests. This is on top of the numerous recreational facilities on offer, including the community center, golf courses, hiking trails, and more. It’s a nature lover’s haven. =

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