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Norfolk - A Small Australian Island In The South Pacific Ocean

Among the Pacific Islands, Norfolk Island is distinct due to its geography, culture, and populace. The rolling green hills are evocative of England, while the shoreline is rocky and harsh with ocean rollers battering the cliffs. There are numerous sandy beaches with surf access, as well as a charming lagoon with a diving-friendly coral reef.

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Among the Pacific Islands,NorfolkIslandis distinct due to its geography, culture, and populace. The rolling green hills are evocative of England, while the shoreline is rocky and harsh with ocean rollers battering the cliffs. There are numerous sandy beaches with surf access, as well as a charming lagoon with a diving-friendly coral reef.
Situated around 1,610 kilometers southeast of Sydney, Norfolk Island is characterized by its volcanic terrain and spans 3,455 hectares, with a third dedicated to national parks and reserves. To the south lie two smaller islands, Philip and Nepean, both of which are uninhabited.

Capital And Major Centres

About 2,000 people live in the small township permanently, including Australians, New Zealanders, and descendants of Pitcairn. Despite government legislation limiting the number of visitors permitted on the island at any given time, there is still room for up to a thousand people to visit.


The majority of the inhabitants are a distinct blend of English and Tahitians, descended from Fletcher Christian and the Bounty mutineers. Although Norfolk, which originated on Pitcairn Island, is a blend of Tahitian and Gaelic and west country English from the 18th century, it is also the language spoken by the islanders. English is the official language.
Norfolk Island view
Norfolk Island view


When Captain James Cook saw the island in 1774, he called it after the ninth Duchess of Norfolk because he thought it was so wonderful. Norfolk was established as a penal colony and became the second-oldest British outpost with the founding of Sydney Cove in 1788.
The island had been cleared of more than 25% by 1810, but it was abandoned in 1814 and its prisoners were transferred to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) because to the lack of a sufficient safe harbor.
After being relocated as a prison colony in 1825, Norfolk Island gained notoriety for its cruelty. worked hard to create the colony, constructing the official mansions, crank mill, prison, military barracks, boat sheds, and salt house, all of which are still remarkably intact today. In 1856, this town was eventually abandoned.
The descendants of the Bounty, who petitioned Queen Victoria when Pitcairn grew too tiny to accommodate their increasing numbers, make up the present community. Australia took control of the island in 1914, and it gained the ability to choose its own parliament in 1979.


The greatest of these magnificent trees, measuring 57 meters in length and 11 meters in circumference, is home to the Norfolk pine. More than 100 different kinds of hard and soft corals can be found in the lagoon and open reefs, along with a thriving bird population.
Parkland, national parks, and reserves make about one-third of the island's land area. A properly constructed garbage disposal area ensures that the ecosystem is not harmed. There are sizable, undeveloped bird sanctuaries close by at Philip and Nepean islands.

The Sights

Historical Kingston, the grave markers in Kingston's cemetery, Mt. Bates, Mt. Pitt, Emily Bay, and the ancient St. Barnabas chapel are all worth seeing. There are routes where lemons and mandarins grow wild, and you may go horseback riding and bushwalking up the craggy cliff tops. Take a 4WD tour of the island and go fishing in the waters around Philip Island, where anglers have reported catching up to four fish on a single line. A stargazer's dream comes with clear night skies.

Where To Stay

There are 56 lodging options, ranging from cozy little inns to moderate resort-style hotels, as well as serviced and unserviced detached homes and cottages.
getting around
Public transportation is nonexistent. In addition to motorbikes and dirt motorcycles, car rentals are affordable in this area. There aren't many taxis.

Food And Entertainment

There are plenty of theme evenings and live music in several of the hotels, but no nightclubs. Nine take-out bars and over 20 eateries are available.


As a sportsman's dream, Norfolk offers a plethora of activities including golf, tennis, bowling, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, bushwalking, target shooting, and windsurfing. There's also great fishing nearby.

Shopping Guide

You can get great deals on luxury goods like electronics, knitwear, shoes, cameras, cigarettes, alcohol, jewelry, porcelain, perfume, and cosmetics, as well as inexpensive import duties for local importers. There is also no sales tax.


Despite its turbulent past that included bloodlust, Norfolk Island is now a peaceful sanctuary for scuba divers.
Operating out of Kingston, bounty divers visit the coves and semi-tropical reefs that surround the island. Hard coral reefs and walls are complemented by rocky reefs, caverns, and arches.
Beautiful view of Norfolk Island
Beautiful view of Norfolk Island
Sydney Bay offers plenty of options for snorkeling and diving with the many colorful reef fish fluttering about the vivid coral gardens, and it's just a short stroll from Kingston. Scuba divers who boat dive to the offshore reefs and rocky outcrops are rewarded with intricate reefs covered in hard coral and schools of reef fish swimming about.
Common sights on ancient Norfolk Island include huge groupers, schools of schooling kingfish, molten silver trevally flows, and curtains of large eyes filling every cave.

Facts At A Glance

CLIMATESub-tropical. Winter averages 19 degrees C. Summer averages 24 degrees C.
CLOTHINGCasual clothing, good walking shoes. Warmer clothes need for winter evenings.
ELECTRICITY240 volts AC 60 cycles.TIME ZONE  GMT +11.5 hours or AEST + 1.5 hours.
CURRENCYAustralian Dollars.
TIPPINGNot customary.
VISAS AND HEALTHA 30 day permit granted on arrival. A 25 dollar departure fee is payable on leaving. Children under 16 years of age are exempt. International businesses need a multiple Australian visa and Australian  visitors require either a valid passport or certificate of identity.  
GETTING THERENorfolk Jet Express from Sydney and Brisbane, flight west from Brisbane and Sydney. Air New New Zealand from Auckland. 

The Colonial Of Norfolk Island

As its name implies, The Colonial is a beautiful resort with colonial-style furnishings and architecture. Located close to Norfolk Island's duty-free retail center and surrounded by exquisitely landscaped grounds, this lodging option is ideal for your visit to this distinctive region of the South Pacific.
The Colonial offers a variety of rooms with all the amenities of a modern hotel, such as ceiling fans, color TVs, direct dial phones, refrigerators, clocks, and coffee/tea makers. There is a guest laundry and a complimentary stay for children under 12 years old.
One of the best restaurants on the island, Annabells, can be found in The Colonial of Norfolk. It also has a cocktail bar and a coffee shop with light fare. In addition to offering a variety of food on regular theme nights, the hotel's meeting and event facilities can accommodate up to 150 people.


Your stay on Norfolk Island will be enhanced by additional features including the lobby shop, postal service, BBQ spaces, tour information, and a swimming pool. All the tiny conveniences of home are provided by Norfolk's colonial, giving you more time to take in the customs and friendliness of this ancient region of the Pacific.
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