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Amsterdam Launches "Stay Away" Ad Campaign Targeting Young British Men


Amsterdam launches "stay away" ad campaign targeting young British men. Amsterdam, one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, has launched an advertising campaign aimed at deterring young British men from visiting the city due to their behavior while visiting.

The campaign, called "Enjoy, but behave yourselves" features images of tourists urinating in public, fighting, and causing damage to property. It is specifically targeted at young British men who have been responsible for antisocial behavior, according to the city's deputy mayor, Victor Everhardt.

The campaign aims to address the city's growing problem with excessive drinking and disrespectful behavior by British tourists. In recent years, the city has seen a rise in incidents involving British tourists, including damage to property and public disturbances. The campaign is a response to these incidents and is aimed at encouraging tourists to behave responsibly when visiting Amsterdam.

The ads feature slogans such as "This is not a playground" and "We're not on holiday, we live here." The campaign also includes videos showing Amsterdam residents speaking out about the impact of tourism on their city. One video features a resident who says, "We don't want to be surrounded by people who don't respect our city."

The "Stay Away" campaign has been met with mixed reactions. Some people believe that the campaign unfairly targets all British tourists, while others feel that the campaign is necessary to address the behavior of a minority of visitors who have caused problems in the city.

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The campaign has been backed by the city's mayor, Femke Halsema, who has stated that it is important for tourists to "respect our norms and values." She also expressed her hope that the campaign would help to promote responsible tourism in Amsterdam.

The UK's Foreign Office has also issued a statement advising British travelers to "respect local laws and customs" when visiting Amsterdam. The statement also reminds travelers that "the use of drugs is illegal in the Netherlands, and can result in severe penalties."

Despite the controversy surrounding the campaign, it highlights the increasing concern among residents and local authorities in Amsterdam about the impact of tourism on the city.

The city is a popular destination for young people looking for a party, but this has led to issues with excessive drinking and disrespectful behavior. The "Stay Away" campaign is a clear signal that Amsterdam is taking these issues seriously and is committed to promoting responsible tourism in the city.

Final Words

Amsterdam's "Stay Away" campaign is a response to the growing problem of excessive drinking and disrespectful behavior by British tourists in the city. While the campaign has been met with mixed reactions, it highlights the increasing concern among residents and local authorities about the impact of tourism on the city.

The campaign's message, "Enjoy, but behave yourselves," is a reminder to visitors that they are not on holiday in a playground but in a city where people live and work. It is hoped that the campaign will encourage visitors to respect the city's norms and values and promote responsible tourism.

Ultimately, the success of the campaign will depend on the willingness of visitors to follow the rules and behave responsibly while enjoying all that Amsterdam has to offer.

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