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Best Gay Halloween Destinations - Places That Host LGBTQ Events


Halloween is a holiday that’s traditionally associated with horror and dark spirits. But people enjoy this in a different way now, including LGBTQ members. We'll give you the best gay Halloween destinations to choose from.

A Gay Halloween can be a fun way to show how different our community is from one another. It's a chance to show off your creativity and have a different kind of holiday fun. If you are an LGBTQ+ person who wants to dress up as something other than your usual gender, this article has some of the best ideas on how to do it!

Destinations To Visit For Gay Halloween

Top 10 LGBT-Friendly Destinations

Here are the best cities for gay Halloween celebrations and, of course, the best places for LGBTQ+ travelers to stay.

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New York City

Every year, New York City has a huge Halloween Parade in the Village. It draws up to 60,000 people dressed up for Halloween, as well as puppets, floats, and bands. But that's not the end of the fun.

There are a lot of Halloween parties in the city, and many of them have already happened before October 31. Gay Halloween in New York City is something you won't want to miss. There are Halloween-themed gay bars, Times Square is decorated, and there are dance parties high above the city.


Portland is also one of the best places for gay people to go on Halloween. People from all walks of life get together there to celebrate the holiday. The city has a lot of pumpkin patches and haunted houses for kids, and it also has a lot of bars, clubs, and restaurants that are welcoming to LGBTQ people.

Because of this, it draws in more than just gay people on Halloween. Families with LGBT members and straight allies who want to show their support come to Portland for the celebrations.

Los Angeles

WEHO Carnival is one of the biggest Halloween events in the US every year. It takes place in sunny Los Angeles, California. It takes place in West Hollywood and is known as one of the most unique Halloween parties in the world, with amazing costumes, entertainment, culture, DJ sets, and performers.

There's also Fred & Jason's Halloweenie, which is known as the hottest gay Halloween party in the US. The Gay Men's Chorus of LA is helped by the money raised at the event.

Why Does LGBTQ's Want To Celebrate Halloween?

Gays dressed up in Halloween costumes at an event
Gays dressed up in Halloween costumes at an event

Many people said that Halloween isn't just about costumes and candy, but also a time when people can be themselves and show off their creative sides. This can be very important for LGBTQ+ people, who often keep their identities secret for the rest of the year.

People Also Ask

Should You Support Gay Parties?

Some people are worried about what this would mean for kids who are coming out or having trouble with their sexuality. It could look like society is telling them it's okay to be gay, which could make things harder for them.

Why LGBT Parties Should Not Be Tolerated?

Even though there are a lot of parties for LGBT people, not all of them are as good as they may seem. Some of these parties can be very dangerous, in fact. For example, if someone who is not part of the LGBT community goes to one of these parties, they may be harassed or even attacked.

Where Is The Safest Place To Visit For LGBTQ Event?

If you are in a country where LGBTQ people are accepted and there is an event, you would be safest at the event. If there isn't an event, it might be safer for you to go to one in a different country.

Final Thoughts

In public places, it's not okay to do things that aren't socially acceptable. It could be anything from wearing clothes that show too much skin to showing affection in public.

LGBTQ people are more likely to act inappropriately at public events, so it's important for them to know where they stand on the issue and what to do to make their events safer and harmless.

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