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Best Time To Go To Guatemala - Hurry Up To Enjoy The Most Beautiful Moments


Even though Guatemala is known as the "Land of Eternal Spring," the country's climate is not always springlike.

The nation features two unique seasons that may greatly affect the experience of vacationing in this vibrant region of Central America, even though temperatures normally fluctuate according to altitude rather than season.

The wet season and dry season, which are sometimes known as the "muddy" and "dusty" seasons, may be used to generally split the year.

The prime season for tourism is determined by the weather, and the rains may significantly affect how you experience various sites and activities, but let's see what is the best time to go to Guatemala.

The Winter High Season (November-March) Is The Best Time For Festivals And Dry Weather

A church made of bricks and a big christmas tree in front
A church made of bricks and a big christmas tree in front

There is no regular peak season, shoulder season, or low season in Guatemala. There are two high seasons and two low seasons instead.

Since the first high season falls during Guatemala's dry season, bright days are almost a given.

Just in time for the Day of the Dead festivities, the dry weather begins at the beginning of November as the storm season ends.

After Holy Week (Semana Santa), which is one of Guatemala's greatest holidays and usually takes place in late March or the first part of April, this first peak season usually comes to an end.

The Summer High Season (June-August) Is The Best Time For Outdoor Pursuits And Spanish Lessons

A beach port with a lot of boats and blooming flowers
A beach port with a lot of boats and blooming flowers

The second peak season occurs throughout the European, American, and Canadian summer vacation period.

Although it isn't nearly as congested as the first peak season, it's also not the best time to try to avoid the throng.

Although June is still very much part of the rainy season, it often starts out bright and sunny until the rain comes in the late afternoon or evening.

There is a brief dry season known as the cancula that lasts for a few weeks in July and August - the precise time frame changes from year to year.

There is no reprieve from the heat in the shape of afternoon rains. However, because to the clear sky, now is a fantastic time to go on hikes to volcanic tops and lookouts, explore Mayan sites in the Petén rainforest, and go tubing at Semuc Champey.

The Low Seasons (April-May And September-October) Is The Best Time For Slow Travel

The two dry seasons in Guatemala are from shortly after Holy Week to the end of May and from September to the end of October.

They occur at either end of the wet season. You could even get the whole hostel dorm to yourself when the hordes dissipate.

Variable weather is present. Sunny days with afternoon or evening rains are possible, as well as days with continuous drizzle, particularly between May and September.

A waterproof cover for your backpack and rain gear are crucial pieces of equipment. Additionally, you'll need insect repellent because of the possibility of mosquito-borne illnesses including malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, and zika as well as the presence of mosquitoes brought on by rain.

Best Time To Go To Guatemala

  • January is the time to enjoy quieter Mayan sites.
  • February is the season for enjoying Guatemalan coffee.
  • March is hot and festive in the run up to Holy Week.
  • April is either hot and quiet, or hot and busy with Holy Week celebrations.
  • May sees coffee flowers bloom and crowds dwindle.
  • June is when students book in for Spanish courses.
  • July is marked by a warm blast from the canícula.
  • August sees the rains return.
  • September is wet and quiet, but prices fall.
  • October sees less rain and lots of outdoor activity.
  • November is when tourism starts to peak.
  • December is busy with tourists and festivities.

People Also Ask

How Many Days Do You Need In Guatemala?

Plan on staying in Guatemala for ten days to get the most out of your trip. You'll have plenty of time to explore the lakes, volcanoes, and ruins without feeling rushed. Having so much time also makes a lot of the local culture clear.

Is Guatemala Worth Visiting?

Look no further if you're seeking for a fantastic and unusual place to travelto. This lush nation offers something for everyone with its diverse culture, stunning scenery, amazing Mayan ruins, friendly people, pleasant climate, and limitless outdoor experiences.

What Is The Rainy Season In Guatemala?

While the rainy season normally lasts from May to October, it may last into November or even December in certain places, especially in and around Petén, where it is humid and stuffy all year long.


There is never a poor time to visit Guatemala in terms of the weather. The nation enjoys one of the world's most beautiful climates; the tourism board refers to it as the "land of the perpetual spring," with balmy days and gentle nights across most of the nation all year long.

Avoiding the rainy season, December through March are the busiest months for tourism in Guatemala, followed by July and August.

These are the busiest times for hotels and language schools, so many of them raise their rates accordingly.

Due to its year-round moderate temperatures and plenty of sunlight, Guatemala is a popular tourist destination.

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