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Butaritari - One Of Kiribati's Atoll Island In Pacific Ocean


Butaritari is an atoll in the island country of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean. The atoll has about four sides. The south and southeast portions of the atoll are composed of islets that are practically continuous. Along the north side of the atoll, the reef is continuous but nearly entirely devoid of islands.

The Bikati and Bikatieta islets occupy a reef corner at the northwestmost extremity of the atoll. On the western reef portions between waterways are little islands. The lagoon of Butaritari is deep and can handle huge ships, despite having rather limited entrances.

With reasonably decent soils (for an atoll) and abundant rainfall, it is the most fruitful of the Gilbert Islands. Butaritari atoll has 13,49 km2 (5.21 sq mi) of land area and 3,224 inhabitants as of 2015.

What's Unique About Butaritari Island?

Four distinct species of mangroves that only grow on Butaritari make it unique in Kiribati. One of the primary features of the sightseeing trip is The King's Pond, also referred to as "te nei ni man" locally. The ancient monarchs would demand a variety of fish to eat every day at this location.

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The pond is claimed to be connected to the reef through an underground tube. Due to the pond's saltwater composition and the presence of reef fish, you can observe the water within. The pond still exists today as a result of the Butaritari Kings.

Palm Tree Planted Near Pool
Palm Tree Planted Near Pool

Things To Do And Experiences In Butaritari

Of the Gilbert Islands, Butaritari is the second-northest; Makin lies to the northeast. The U.S. military referred to Butaritari as Makin Atoll, and to differentiate it from modern-day Makin, they dubbed it Makin Meang (Northern Makin) or Little Makin.

Speakers frequently omit the qualifier for Makin now that Butaritari is the standard name for the bigger atoll. Former names for Butaritari include Pitt Island, Taritari Island, and Touching Island.

Touring The Island By Truck Or Motorcycle

Discover the King's Pond (te nei ni man) and other intriguing sites associated with local legends; take in the WWII memorials and artifacts, and get a feel for the island.

A Personalized Boat Charter

A boat charter can be arranged so that you can go birdwatching at Kotabu Islet, snorkeling, fishing, clamming, or visit Tikurere Islet, where you can swim and enjoy the white sand beach.

Visit Ukiangang's Mangrove Forest

Discover the four types of mangroves that exist on Butaritari.

Investigate Bikati Island

Cross the lagoon to Bikati Island by boat. Investigate and gain knowledge of the Bikati Marine Protected Area while traveling. You will live in the neighborhood of Bikati, where you can get a taste of the way of life there, take part in neighborhood events like fishing (te were where oyster clam fishing, net fishing, spearfishing, sandworm fishing), and pick up some local knowledge.

Tour Of The Cultural Community Village

Investigate and learn about the local culture, taking in the mwaneaba, local skills, and resources.

Outer Island Experience | Butaritari Island | Kiribati

Where To Stay In Butaritari?

Folklore claims that Butaritari was an undersea territory that one of the Kiribati mythological Gods plucked out of the water and gave it the name "Butaritari," which means "Scent of the sea."

Isles Sunset Lodge

Your island home away from home is on Butaritari Island, which is part of the Gilbert Group's northern region. The lodge includes one Maneaba, two beachfront bungalows, and two landside bungalows.

People Also Ask

Where Is Butaritari Island Located?

Butaritari Atoll is a coral atoll in the western central Pacific Ocean. It is also called Makin Atoll and used to be called Pitt Island. It is part of Kiribati's Gilbert Islands.

Who Owns Kiribati Island?

The Pacific Islands Forum, the International Whaling Commission, the Commonwealth, and the United Nations are all organizations that Kiribati is a member of.

How Many People Live On Kiribati?

Based on the most recent numbers from the United Nations, Worldometer estimates that as of, 2022, 123,498 people are living in Kiribati.


The island is far away, and there are few facilities and services. To account for situations where there can be transportation delays, you will need to be adaptable with your preparations.

Simple lodging is provided, and meals will be limited to what is available nearby. You should bring additional water supplies, which is highly advised. There is just a neighborhood clinic and a village nurse available for medical care on the islands.

There are no pharmaceuticals accessible, so you'll need to make sure you carry any necessary drugs and basic medical supplies. Please make sure that your family and friends know when you are going on vacation and when you plan to be back.

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