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Cheapest Time To Visit Namibia - The Land Of Many Faces


Cheapest time to visit Namibia mostly depends on the sights you want to see and the areas you want to explore.

Many locations in Namibia are best visited during a particular season, however certain sites, such as Sossusvlei, the Himba Village, Kolmandkop Ghost Town, and Quiver Tree Forest, are wonderful all year long.

Namibia travel is a fantastic adventure. The nation is home to a wide variety of wonderful attractions. Whatever the season, you'll always be able to discover exciting things to do.

Visiting Namibia In Summer

Landscape with a waterfall, tree, and rocks
Landscape with a waterfall, tree, and rocks

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Namibia's "wet season" or summer lasts from November to March. The weather, for example, doesn't much alter in the south of the nation.

Either Fish River Canyon or Sossusvlei. Although it does grow hotter, these locations don't receive a lot of rain generally.

In northern regions of the nation, for example, summer rains have a significant impact. Epupa Falls, the Caprivi Strip, and Etosha National Park.

In these regions, everyday temperatures are typically 35°C and summertime precipitation is heavy.

Best Summer Activities

  • One of our favorite things to do in Swakopmund is to watch seals and their young at Cape Cross Seal Reserve (January to March).
  • Walvis Bay flamingo viewing (November to March).
  • A trip to Epupa Falls (February, March).
  • visiting Etosha National Park to see birds.
  • Observing birds in Caprivi.
  • Luderitz kitesurfing.

Visiting Namibia In Winter

Namibia's dry season, often known as winter, lasts from May to October. No matter what parts of Namibia you want to visit or what activities you want to engage in, winter is often the greatest season to go there.

Even in the desert, the temperatures are lower, and the sky is clear and dry. Bring warm sleeping bags and clothes for wearing at night if you intend to camp in the winter.

After dusk, the desert becomes extremely cold. In spite of the intense heat during the day, it was fairly cool at night when we trekked the Fish River Canyon in May.

The best time to visit Namibia is during the dry winter months. In well-known locations, it is advised to reserve lodging in advance.

Best Winter Activities

  • Etosha National Park safari (July to September)
  • Fish River Canyon hiking (May to August)
  • Whale-watching at Walvis Bay (July to October)
  • While camping in Spitzkoppe, you may view millions of stars in the bright sky.
  • Taking the Skeleton Coast by car
  • If you want to go from Namibia to Victoria Falls, it is best to visit the Caprivi Strip during the end of the rainy season to view the waterfalls at their most spectacular.

People Also Ask

What Is The Best Month To Visit Namibia?

Namibia is best visited from July to October when temperatures are slightly around 20°C and there is little risk of rain.

How Can I Travel To Namibia On A Budget?

The easiest way to see Namibia on a tight budget is to hire a vehicle, camp, and prepare your own meals. There are numerous excellent campgrounds in stunning wilderness areas in Namibia, and many of them have stores where you can stock up on supplies like meat, charcoal, and canned food to self-cater.

How Many Days Should I Spend In Namibia?

Take advantage of the size and spend at least two weeks seeing the nation. A month, if you have the time. In this manner, you may check off destinations without having to hurry about or spend days at a time in the automobile.


Depending on your destination and desired experiences, there is no one perfect time to go to Namibia.

Namibia is mostly dry and subtropical, with brilliant sunlight for most of the year due to the Namib Desert covering a significant section of the country's area.

There are more popular periods to visit depending on the weather and opportunities for animal watching, and temperatures may vary greatly from day to night and from summer to winter.

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