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Dog Sledding In Lapland - An Unforgettable Winter Adventure


If you're looking for a unique winter experience, dog sledding in Laplandis an adventure you won't want to miss.

Lapland, located in the northernmost part of Finland, is a winter wonderland of snow-covered forests and pristine landscapes. It's also home to some of the best dog sledding tours in the world.

Dog sledding in Lapland is an opportunity to connect with nature, experience the thrill of speed, and learn about the rich history and culture of the region.

In this article, we'll explore everything you need to know about dog sledding in Lapland, from the best time to go to the gear you'll need, and the most popular tours to take.

When To Go Dog Sledding In Lapland

The best time to go dog sledding in Lapland is from December to April, when the region is covered in snow and the sun is low on the horizon, creating a beautiful winter landscape. During this time, the days are short and the nights are long, but you can still experience the magic of the northern lights, or the Aurora Borealis, on clear nights.

Preparing For Your Dog Sledding Adventure

Before you head out on your dog sledding adventure, it's important to prepare for the cold weather and the physical demands of the activity. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Dress in layers - Wear warm, waterproof clothing, including a hat, gloves, and boots. Avoid cotton, as it can absorb moisture and make you feel colder.
  • Stay hydrated - Drink plenty of water before and during your trip to prevent dehydration.
  • Bring snacks- You'll need the energy to keep up with the dogs, so bring high-energy snacks like nuts, energy bars, and chocolate.
  • Get in shape- Dog sledding can be physically demanding, so make sure you're in good physical shape before you go.
  • Listen to your guide- Your guide will give you important instructions on how to handle the sled and work with the dogs. Listen carefully and follow their lead.


Choosing A Dog Sledding Tour In Lapland

There are many different dog sledding tours available in Lapland, ranging from short introductory tours to multi-day expeditions. Here are some popular tours to consider:

Day Tours

Day tours typically last 2-3 hours and include a brief introduction to dog sledding, as well as a chance to explore the surrounding wilderness. These tours are a great option for beginners or those short on time.

Overnight Tours

Overnight tours are a more immersive experience, allowing you to spend a night in a wilderness cabin or tent. These tours typically last 1-2 days and give you a chance to really connect with the dogs and the landscape.

Multi-Day Tours

Multi-day tours are the ultimate dog sledding adventure, lasting anywhere from 3-10 days. These tours take you deep into the wilderness, often covering 30-50 kilometers per day, and give you a chance to experience the true beauty and solitude of Lapland.

What To Expect On A Dog Sledding Tour

When you arrive for your dog sledding tour, you'll be introduced to your guide and the dogs. You'll be given warm clothing and brief instruction on how to handle the sled and work with the dogs.

Once you're comfortable, you'll head out into the wilderness, following a trail through the snow-covered forests and over frozen lakes.

As you sled through the landscape, you'll feel the rush of the wind in your face and the power of the dogs as they pull the sled along. You'll stop occasionally to rest and take in the breathtaking views around you.

Your guide will provide you with interesting information about the history and culture of Lapland, as well as the behavior and characteristics of the sled dogs.

During the tour, you'll have the opportunity to take turns driving the sled and riding as a passenger. Driving the sled requires physical strength and endurance, as well as quick reflexes and a good sense of balance.

Your guide will be there to assist you and offer tips and advice as needed.

At the end of the tour, you'll return to the kennel, where you'll have a chance to say goodbye to the dogs and thank them for an unforgettable adventure.

FAQs About Dog Sledding In Lapland

Here are some frequently asked questions about dog sledding in Lapland:

1. Do I Need Any Previous Experience To Go Dog Sledding In Lapland?

No, you don't need any previous experience to go dog sledding in Lapland. The tours are designed for beginners and include brief instructions on how to handle the sled and work with the dogs.

However, it's important to be in good physical shape and able to handle the physical demands of the activity.

2. How Many Dogs Are On A Sled?

The number of dogs on a sled can vary depending on the size and weight of the sled, as well as the terrain and weather conditions. Typically, a sled can accommodate up to six dogs, but some tours may use fewer dogs.

3. How Do The Dogs Know Where To Go?

The sled dogs are trained to follow the voice and commands of their musher, or sled driver. The musher uses a combination of verbal commands, such as "hike" to go and "whoa" to stop, as well as physical cues and body language to direct the dogs.

4. Is It Safe To Go Dog Sledding In Lapland?

Yes, dog sledding in Lapland is generally safe, as long as you follow the instructions of your guide and use common sense. However, like any outdoor activity, there are risks involved, such as cold weather, slippery terrain, and potential accidents.

It's important to dress appropriately, stay hydrated, and listen to your guide to minimize these risks.

5. What Kind Of Dogs Are Used For Sledding?

The dogs used for sledding in Lapland are typically huskies or husky mixes, as they are well-suited for the cold, snowy conditions of the region. These dogs are bred for their strength, endurance, and ability to work in teams.

People Also Ask

Can I Go Dog Sledding In Lapland If I Have Allergies?

It's possible to go dog sledding in Lapland if you have allergies, but it's important to let your guide know in advance. Some tours may be able to accommodate your needs by providing hypoallergenic dogs or taking extra precautions to reduce allergens.

Are There Any Age Restrictions For Dog Sledding In Lapland?

Yes, there are usually age restrictions for dog sledding in Lapland. While this can vary depending on the tour operator, many tours require participants to be at least 12 years old to drive a sled and 6 years old to ride as a passenger. It's important to check with the tour operator before booking to ensure that you meet the age requirements.

How Long Do The Dog Sledding Tours Last?

The length of dog sledding tours in Lapland can vary depending on the tour operator and the specific tour. Some tours may last as little as 1-2 hours, while others may be full-day or multi-day experiences. It's important to check with the tour operator before booking to get an idea of the length of the tour.

Can I Interact With The Dogs Before Or After The Tour?

Yes, many dog sledding tours in Lapland allow participants to interact with the dogs before and after the tour. This can include petting and playing with the dogs, learning about their care and training, and even helping to harness them up for the sled. However, it's important to follow the instructions of your guide and respect the dogs' boundaries.


Dog sledding in Lapland is a truly unforgettable experience, offering the chance to connect with nature, experience the thrill of speed, and learn about the rich history and culture of the region. With the right preparation and a sense of adventure, anyone can enjoy this unique winter activity.

If you're looking for a winter adventure that combines outdoor exploration with cultural immersion, dog sledding in Lapland is a perfect choice. With a variety of tours to choose from and experienced guides to lead the way, you're sure to have an experience you'll never forget.

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