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Massive Delays And Groundings At NYC Airports As 1,600 Flights Are Canceled Throughout The US


Massive delays and groundings at NYC airports as 1,600 flights are canceled throughout the US. More than 1,600 flights were canceled across the country, with Newark Liberty International, John F. Kennedy International, and LaGuardia Airports seeing the highest number of delays and cancellations.

On Sunday, rainstorms and dangerous floods battered much of the Northeast, causing huge issues for passengers as hundreds of flights were either canceled or delayed at the three major airports servicing New York City. These airports serve New Jersey, Long Island, and New York City.

According to statistics provided by FlightAware, Newark saw a total of 365 cancelled arrivals and departures (representing approximately 30 percent of all of its planned flights), in addition to 461 flights that were delayed.

The problem with air travel was not confined to the operations of the planes themselves. According to the data collected from tracking planes, JFK Airport finished in second place for the biggest number of canceled flights after Newark, with a total of 331 cancelations both to and from the airport. LaGuardia Airport was not far behind, coming in third place with 280 flights that were grounded.

Frustrations mount over flight delays, cancellations at NY, NJ airports

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Because it is customary to advise passengers to check in two to three hours prior to the departure of their flights, this meant that hundreds of people were forced to wait in terminals despite having been informed that they would be required to do so.

My flight was canceled in Dallas ... It was disaster today.- Anonymous

Some irate passengers were forced to wait at JFK airport for many hours or possibly the entire night.

Mike Weber stuck in the city one more night, was trying to make plans.

We were delayed, and then we were delayed more, and then we were canceled. Every hotel around here and we're rebooked out of LaGuardia - every hotel around there, they're all full of people just like us.- Mike Weber

Following their arrival in Newark, more than a dozen passengers, including the traveler in question who was traveling from Chicago and speaking to The Post, waited for more than two hours to receive their luggage. The customer who flew with United stated that only roughly one third of travellers' luggage was found at the baggage claim, and the remaining two thirds seemed to be missing.

Operations Were Hampered By Severe Weather

In the end, all three airports reminded passengers that they should check the status of their flights before coming to the airport because the metropolitan region was experiencing heavy rain and fog.

On Sunday, a significant portion of the greater New York region was hit by thunderstorms, extreme rainfall, and flash floods. In the afternoon, the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for portions of Queens and The Bronx. Rainfall totals in New York ranged from one to three inches in the majority of the state, with some locations receiving as much as five inches by the time it got dark.

Final Words

If you have a flight on Monday, you should check in with your airline to find out the status of your flight before travelling to the airport, and you should definitely have some patience with you.

That's traveling on airplanes. You have some bad experiences every once in a while, and weather, nothing you can do about it. So yeah, we're OK.- Anonymous

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