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Mckean - A Coral-raised Island


McKean Island is a raised coral island, which means that tectonic processes have raised the once-living coral reef above sea level. It is somewhat round, 3/4 mile wide, and has a fringing reef all around it.

It rises around five meters above sea level at its highest point. It formerly had a lagoon, but uplift lifted it to a point where it had turned into a wet depression where bird guano gathered and had for thousands of years.

History Of Mckean Island

The Phoenix Group's McKean Island was the first to be mentioned and given a name. On May 28, 1794, British Captain Henry Barber of the ship Arthur, traveling from Botany Bay, New South Wales, to the northwest coast of America, made the discovery.

On May 28, Captain Barber sighted the deserted island and gave it the name "Drummond's Island," noting its location as 3° 40' S and 176° 51'W. The small, sandy island is quite low and is not visible from a ship's deck for more than five or six miles.

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Later, it was called "Arthur Island," and maps from that era showed it to be such. 3°30'S and 176°0'W were provided as their coordinates.

A person standing and holding Camera on Mckean Island
A person standing and holding Camera on Mckean Island

What To Do On Mckean Island?

McKean Island, world-famous for being a getaway and relaxation spot, But there are many options available if you're seeking something to do! ancient forts. excursions in a horse-drawn carriage.

The legendary fudge Bicycle rides along the lakeside are leisurely. Even getting to McKean Island via ferry is enjoyable.

  • Explore by boat.
  • Explore by foot.
  • Perfect for a rainy day.
  • Everything related to horses.
  • History.
  • Fudge making.
  • Everything related to bicycles.
  • Golf.
  • Spa and Massage.
  • Walking tour.
  • Landmarks.
  • Explore by air.

Mckean Island Hotels And Places To Stay

  • Budget Host Inn & Suites.
  • Quality Inn St. Ignace.
  • Bavarian Haus Lakefront Inn.
  • St. Ignace's America's Best Value Inn.
  • Lakefront in St. Ignace.
  • Super 8 by Wyndham St. Ignace.

Okeanos northwest of McKean Island

Fieldwork On Mckean Island

On October 3, 1989, TIGHAR conducted an archaeological survey on McKean Island for a single day. The search pilots from the U.S.S. Colorado who flew over the island in July 1937 found no vegetation on the island, making it appear implausible that any people or an airplane that had become stuck there could have been hidden from their view.

Everybody was persuaded that at the very least a cursory check was required, though, by the potential that the aircraft may have been sunk in the guano pit or covered in birds, with its crew either dead or immobilized and similarly coated. As it turned out, you were only able to conduct a superficial examination, which is all you determined was necessary.

Aircraft Observations On Mckean Island

There were no visible airplane pieces of any type, nor was there anything else that appeared to have been abandoned by stranded pilots. The largest of a few strewn aluminum tubes, which is around a meter long, is most easily explained as the remains of ornithologists or recent survivors of shipwrecks.

On the reef and shoreline were the wreckage of many more or less recent fishing vessels. A refillable gas can, a few empty tin cans, and other items were noticed that were probably abandoned by their momentarily stranded personnel. Due to mining in the 19th century, the island is covered in fragments of rail, ore wagon wheels, and other mining equipment.

People Also Ask

What Is Mckean Island Well-Known For?

McKean Island is renowned across the world as a retreat and leisure location.

Are There Any Aircraft Sightings On Mckean Island?

Any apparent bits of an airplane, or anything else that may have been left behind by stranded pilots, were absent.

What Does It Mean That Mckean Island Is A Raised Coral Island?

McKean Island is a raised coral island, which implies that the once-living coral reef has been lifted above sea level by geological forces.


If any questions about 19th-century guano mining that are amenable to archaeological study arise, the ruins of McKean could provide useful information on the technology and sociology of that mining. However, McKean does not appear to merit further work for the purposes of the Earhart search.

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