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Night Sledding Lauterbrunnen And Best Sledding In Switzerland Runs


Do not pass up the opportunity to go night sledding because it is an amazing experience. You should try night sledding Lauterbrunnen, a village in Switzerland! A fantastic blend of winter merriment, scenic beauty, and Swiss customs ensures that everybody can enjoy a night of sledding in the snow. Lauterbrunnen is a Swiss Alpine municipality.

It includes the settlement of Lauterbrunnen, which is nestled in a valley with rugged cliffs and the 300-meter-high Staubbach Falls. Trümmelbach Falls' glacier waters flow through mountain cracks past viewing platforms nearby.

When going to this beautiful place, the months of January and February are the best seasons to go night sledding. When the moon is full, the view from up here is breathtaking. Enjoy a delicious fondue at the Restaurant Sulwaldstübli before finishing off the night with a toboggan ride down to Isenfluh.

Best Sledding Runs In Switzerland

When the sky turns blue and the snow sparkles in the sunlight, the countryside takes on the appearance of a white, fantastical environment. That's how stunning Switzerland can be in the winter; whether you own any sleds, whether classic or bobsleds, now is the time to bring them along.

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Tobogganing Bergun

The longest-lit toboggan run in Europe is the first thing on our list. When you go tobogganing in Bergun, you slide under the tall viaducts through a beautiful landscape within 6 km of its length.

Tobogganing Lenzerheide

The next one, tobogganing Lenzerheide, is great for everyone because it's safe and well-prepared, no matter if you're going alone, with a group, if you're a beginner, or if you're an expert. From the Scharmoin central station, your 15-minute toboggan ride will take you left and right around the curves to the Valley Station of the Rothorn cable car.

Sledding Kronberg

Two people sledding on the white snow
Two people sledding on the white snow

Sledding Kronberg is Switzerland's longest toboggan run in the east, stretching from the top of Kronberg all the way down to Jakobsbad. The best thing about this one is that it's both thrilling and fun. It has both flat and steep parts, and if you get thirsty in between, you can stop at the Scheidegg Inn. Before you go sledding, I think you should take some time to look at the beautiful view of the Alpstein chain from the Santis.

10 Rules You Should Know In Night Sledding

Sledding is a fun thing to do in the winter. But it can also hurt people, sometimes in very bad ways. Please keep these 10 general rules in mind when sledding to stay safe.

  • Be mindful of others.
  • Adapt your speed and driving style to your abilities.
  • Respect the lane in front of you.
  • Overtake by far
  • Check the sky before you drive in and out.
  • Stop at the border.
  • Climb up and down it.
  • Observe signs and markings.
  • Ask for help when you need it or when you're in danger.
  • Give your information in case of an accident.

Sledding In Lauterbrunnen

Sledding in Lauterbrunnen Valley in 4K

Sledding Near Lauterbrunnen

The Grindelwald sledding area is located near Lauterbrunnen. Want to know what you can do in Grindelwald? You don't need to look any further. Sledding in Grindelwald is the most fun you'll ever have. The famous mountain gives the Jungfrau Region in Switzerland its name. The region is in the Bernese Oberland.

It is home to places like Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald, which are well-known, as well as places like Wengen and Murren. It's a beautiful place to visit in both the winter and summer.

The Jungfrau region is above Interlaken. If you are not already in the area, you will first need to get to Interlaken. Most locals say that the Swiss Travel System is the easiest way to get around. The Swiss Travel Pass is a ticket that lets you ride trains, buses, and boats all over Switzerland.

Take a train to Interlaken-Ost, where you'll change to the Bernese Oberland Railway. Which sledding trail you want to try will determine where you go next. The Jungfrau Region website has a list of 18 different things to do.

Take the train all the way to Jungfraujoch first thing in the morning. The journey from Interlaken takes around 2 hours. Once there you’ll want to explore a bit (there are some lookout points, an indoor ice palace, etc.) and possibly grab lunch. When you are finished, take the train back down to Kleine Schiedegg. From here you will start your ~2-hour Grindelwald Switzerland winter sledding journey!

- Christie Kanani, a vlogger who also visited sledding near Lauterbrunnen

People Also Ask

Is Lauterbrunnen Worth Visiting?

The entire Lauterbrunnen Valley is bursting at the seams with the spectacular grandeur of nature in its finest form, from the snow-covered alps down to the lush green valley floor! There's simply too much beauty to take in! From the valley bottom, you can enjoy beautiful views of the Swiss Alps, or you can climb to the high summits and gaze across the entire mountain range.

Which Is Better Lauterbrunnen Or Interlaken?

Both Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen are excellent choices for your stay, and they are both safe. Which one you prefer is a matter of personal preference. Interlaken is centrally located and has excellent connections to all destinations. Lauterbrunnen is a smaller village in a lovely setting.

What Is The Best Way To Get To Lauterbrunnen?

Lauterbrunnen is only accessible by train from Interlaken. You must take the train to Lauterbrunnen from Interlaken Ost, the main train station in Interlaken. It is a 20-minute journey, with trains departing every 30 minutes for Lauterbrunnen.

Final Words

I'm glad you read this article. Just remember to stay safe and follow the general rules and tips in this article.

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