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Nikunau - A Reef Atoll In The Gilbert Islands


Nikunau, a low coral atoll in the Gilbert Islands, is part of the Republic of Kiribati's council area. It is divided into two halves by a 150-meter-wide isthmus. On the island, several landlocked, hypersaline lagoons are roughly 30 hectares in size.

A small fringing reef encircles the island. Nikunau's vegetation is somewhat thick and primarily made up of pandanus and coconut trees. There are 1,789 Kain Nikunau I-Kiribati people living on the island.

There are usually a few more I-Kiribati there as well, employed by the Nikunau Island Council or the Republic Government. There have occasionally been American Peace Corps volunteers as well as other I-Matang volunteers stationed there.

Over the years, the islands have also been home to Roman Catholic clergy, Protestant Samoan pastors, traders and agents who ran the islands' trade shops and cooperatives, castaways and beachcombers from the whaling and nomad trading eras, and others.

The height of the surf on Nikunau varies by location, but is often between 2 and 8 feet. The biggest waves on the island are at the point of Nikunau, near the airport.

What Makes Nikunau Island Special?

The sole surrounding fringing reef has multiple landlocked, hyper-saline lagoons located within the island, where milk fish are cultivated, in contrast to other southernmost islands in the Gilbert region that lack a lagoon.

The highest waves on the island may be found near the island's tip, close to the airport, where two tides collide and cause waves to crash into one another, generating tremendous tides and waves that are ideal for surfing.

Bird Flying Near the Seashore
Bird Flying Near the Seashore

Nikunau Island Tourism

The bigger the waves, the better the experience. Here is where you can learn to surf. None of the other southernmost islands in the Gilbert area have lagoons, but Nikunau is special because it has many landlocked, hypersaline lagoons where milk fish are produced.

The biggest waves on the island may be found close to the runway at the extremity of the island, where two tides clashes and produce strong tides and waves that are good for surfing. The sixth-largest island in the nation and one of the Gilbert Group's members in terms of latitude is Nikunau.

The island is split in two, with Nikumanu and Tabomatang in the south and Muribenua, Rungaata, Tabutoa, and Mwanriiki in the north, joined by a narrow strip of land in the center.

The guesthouse has a lovely view of the seaside and a little breeze to keep you cool in the heat. Get the chance to stay at the church-owned and-operated Kiribati Uniting Church Guesthouse in Tabutoa Village.

Nikunau Island 2022

Tabutoa Guesthouse On Nikunau Island

The Kiribati Uniting Church manages the guesthouse, which is situated in Tabutoa Village. The guesthouse is an island-style lodging with a lovely ocean view and a place where you may take in the refreshing wind.

People Also Ask

What Number Of Flights Operate To Nikunau?

Air Kiribati domestics only provides one scheduled flight a week to Nikunau Island.

Where Is Nikaunau?

A council district of the Republic of Kiribati is formed by the low coral atoll of Nikunau, which is located in the Gilbert Islands.

Has Nikunau Access To The Internet?

Less than 0.5% of the population has high-speed Internet, making it one of the lowest rates in the world.


You should must visit this place!Nikunauis the sixth-largest island in the nation and one of the southern Gilbert Group islets. The island is divided into two sections that are connected by a small strip of land in the center.

The northern section of the island contains the primary infrastructure as well as the villages of Muribenua, Tabutoa, Rungaata, and Mwanriiki, while the southern section is made up of Nikumanu and Tabomatang. The island's council is situated in the community of Rungaata in Bukerua.

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