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What Are The Places With Most Film Sets?


Travelers have been drawn to movie sets and shooting locations for years, with some seeking to experience the natural beauties of the movie scenery firsthand and others hoping to replicate sequences from their favorite movies. We list the places with most film sets, and thus, the most travelers.

To identify the region with the most filming locations, we examined about many spots. And examined films like The Amazing Spider-Man, which took place in New York City, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which included tropical locales.

The Places With The Most Film Sets Around The World

Movie set with an airplane crash scene
Movie set with an airplane crash scene

The fact that 543 movies were filmed in Los Angeles, the birthplace of Hollywood, may not come as a shock to anyone. The Fast and the Furious series and the Back to the Future trilogy fall under this category. The UK's metropolis, London, comes in at a close second with an astonishing 529 films being produced there.

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The Harry Potter series and classic James Bond movies like Goldeneye and Die Another Day are among the most well-known titles. Seven of the top ten city movie locations are in the USA, with places on both coasts making the list.

  • Los Angeles
  • London
  • New York
  • Paris
  • San Francisco

The Countries With The Highest Demand For Film Sets Worldwide

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Italy
  • Canada

The top of the list is the USA, which you may visit on specially selected vacations with Breeze by Kuoni. Top of the list is the nation, which is home to some of the most well-known production firms in the world, with a staggering 1523 films being shot in the country alone.

Because the country has been making movies for a long time and has a wide range of landscapes, from busy cities to beautiful natural parks, it is the perfect setting for a huge number of movies, from big Hollywood hits to small independent films.

The UK, France, and Italy, which all have outstanding production studios of their own and are rich in art and culture, come in second, third, and fourth place, respectively. Canada is the fifth most popular place to film in the world. It has been the setting for many critically acclaimed movies, such as The Revenant and Brokeback Mountain.

The States In The US With The Most Film Sets

  • California
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Arizona
  • Florida

Incredibly, 787 films have been made in California, ranging from Quentin Tarantino classics like Reservoir Dogs to superhero flicks like Spiderman.

The Golden State is home to some of the biggest production firms and film studios in the world, but it also has some of the most stunning natural backdrops, like Yosemite National Park and San Francisco Bay, to mention just a few stunning locations.

The next state on the list is New York, whose most well-known city, New York City, has served as the setting for an astonishing 319 movies. It is a city filled with instantly recognizable structures and sites that serve as a spectacular and instantly recognizable backdrop for some of the most well-known films in the world. 71 additional movies have used locations in other parts of the state.

Washington, D.C., is another location with well-known landmarks. The US capital has appeared in action movies like Independence Day, Die Hard II: Die Harder, and Jason Bourne from 2016. The district is obviously a popular choice for directors looking to include a shot or two of the historic White House in their films, as evidenced by the fact that 58 movies are now being filmed there.

You can include a journey to some of Hollywood's most well-known filming locations on your next vacation to the United States if visiting one of the country's many classic movie locations is on your bucket list.

People Also Ask

What City Has The Most Film Production?

It serves as the hub of the US, if not the entire globe, in the film industry. Los Angeles, the city that is home to Hollywood, has established a reputation as one of the best places for budding filmmakers to make a career.

What Cities Do Most Movies Take Place In?

It should come as no surprise that many films, especially those concerning the film industry, are filmed in Los Angeles, the hub of the American film industry.

What Country Has The Most Movies Filmed?

  • United States
  • China
  • Japan
  • Germany


Another well-liked location for filming is Mexico, where The Predator and Troy were both shot. The lush natural environment of the area served as the setting for the films. The UK is represented on the list as well, with Dark Shadows (2012) by Tim Burton coming in at joint third.

Users eager to learn where it was recorded conducted an amazing 33,100 searches. Mamma Mia!, which highlighted Greece's stunning white-sand beaches and sparkling, crystal-blue waves, is currently in fourth place with 27,100 Google searches. You must undoubtedly travel to such places with most film sets to see your favourite stars and just don't see them on Bingepost.

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