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Spain's Smoking Ban Expands To Caló Des Moro Beach In Ibiza

Spain's smoking ban expands to Caló des Moro beach in Ibiza after banning smoking on 28 popular beaches earlier this year.

Jane Resture
Aug 01, 2023426 Shares30418 Views
The Spanish council continues its efforts to create smoke-free beaches across the Balearic Islands, aiming to improve public health and reduce litter.
Spain's smoking ban expands to Caló des Moro beach in Ibizaafter banning smoking on 28 popular beaches earlier this year.

Promoting Health And Cleanliness

San Antonio City Council's decision to make Caló des Moro a smoke-free zone is driven by the desire to enhance the well-being of both locals and tourists.
Cigarette butt litter has been a persistent issue on the island's beaches, and this initiative seeks to curb the problem while encouraging healthier habits.
If the smoking ban proves successful on Caló des Moro, the council plans to extend it to more beaches in San Antonio.
By creating a network of healthy beaches, the Balearic coast aims to become a haven for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a cleaner and healthier environment.

Understanding The Rules

While the ban is in effect, it's essential for visitors to be aware of the rules and regulations.
Fines for smoking on the prohibited beaches can reach up to £1,700 (€2,000), depending on each area's enforcement policies.
To avoid any trouble, it's advisable to respect the smoking restrictions and give your lungs a break during your beach vacation.
The Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumption emphasizes the importance of promoting smoke-free spaces.
The objective of the campaign is to create a network of healthy beaches, understanding the Balearic coast as a playful space for the enjoyment of outdoor activities that enriches the health of the people who come, promoting smoke-free spaces.- Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumption
Today, tobacco use is one of the leading causes of preventable disease and death worldwide. Exposure to smoke from tobacco products has been shown to cause health problems similar to those caused by tobacco use.- Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumption
Tobacco use remains a leading cause of preventable diseases and deaths worldwide, and exposure to secondhand smoke can be equally harmful.
By designating smoke-free beaches, Spain aims to protect public health and create enjoyable spaces for everyone.

Final Words

Spain's commitment to creating smoke-free beaches reflects a growing global trend towards healthier and cleaner environments.
With the smoking ban expanding to Caló des Moro in Ibiza, visitors can look forward to enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the Balearic Islands without the hazards of tobacco smoke and litter.
As the campaign progresses, more beaches are likely to embrace this positive change, setting an example for other coastal destinations worldwide.
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