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Starbuck - A Coral Island In The Central Pacific


On Starbuck Island, which links Green Island to downtown Troy, nearly 270 residential apartments, a hairdresser, a restaurant, and parking may be found.

Starbuck Island has been transformed into a vibrant new waterfront community thanks to the state's brownfield cleaning program and economic development incentives. Now that the project is done, locals and visitors can enjoy the new town along the Hudson River's facilities, beautiful views, and small businesses. This will encourage more investment in the area.

History Of Starbuck Island

While traveling from South America to Calcutta, India, James Henderson, the commercial captain of the East India Company ship Hercules, made a sighting of the island. The Calcutta Journal, a local newspaper, published Henderson's account of three islands he had observed on his journey not long after he had arrived.

But neither it nor he had provided a precise date for his sighting of present Starbuck Island. This could have occurred in the first few days of February 1819. Obed Starbuck, captain of the whaler Hero off of Nantucket, was the next known to have seen it on September 5, 1823.

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On December 12, 1823, Valentine Starbuck, Obed's first cousin and the American-born captain of the British whaling ship L'Aigle, had another sighting of the island. King Kamehameha II of Hawaii, Queen Kammalu, and their entourage were traveling to England on L'Aigle.

Finally, in 1825, Captain The 7th Lord Byron surveyed the island (a cousin of the famous poet). Having just completed a special expedition to Honolulu to retrieve the remains of the Hawaiian royal pair, King Kamehameha II and Queen Kamemalu.

Who had perished from measles while attempting to see King George IV, Lord Byron, in command of the British vessel HMS Blonde, was sailing back to London? Mauke and Malden Island, which he named after his surveying officer, were both seen and surveyed by Lord Byron.

Aerial View of An Island
Aerial View of An Island

Shipwrecks At Starbuck Island

There are several reports of shipwrecks on Starbuck Island, but Google Earth could not reveal any signs of the long-ago tragedies. For example, on January 25, 1887, The Daily Examiner of San Francisco reported that a crew that got stuck had to choose who would live and who would die by drawing straws.

The remainder of the narrative states that a ship was dispatched to Starbuck Island to locate the remaining crew members. They received 120 pounds of bread, 60 pounds of wheat, 40 pounds of barley, 20 pounds of coffee, 30 pounds of canned meats, and a lot of beef and pig as part of their supplies. The 1887 article did not mention their whereabouts.

Things To Do On Starbucks Island

The following are things you can do close to Starbuck Island.

  • Dining.
  • Shopping.
  • Explore.

Starbuck Island (National Geographic Documentary)

Starbucks' Best Hotels

The following are the best hotels on Starbucks Island that you may choose from.

  • Lakes Area Inn.
  • Super 8 by Wyndham Glenwood.
  • Baymont By Wyndham Glenwood.
  • GrandStay Hotel & Suites - Glenwood.
  • Cedar Inn Motel.
  • Peter's Sunset Beach Resort and Golf.

People Also Ask

Does Anyone Live On Starbuck Island?

It was declared a nature refuge in 1975 and is where various species of seabirds have nesting colonies. It is an uninhabited island.

What Happened At Starbuck Island?

In the late 19th century, many ships sank near Starbuck Island because of its low height and dangerous reefs nearby.

Why Is It Called Starbuck Island?

The island of Starbuck is named after the captain who found it.


A family-oriented island! A barren coral island in the center of the Pacific Ocean, Starbuck Island is a component of Kiribati's Central Line Islands. Starbuck Island is 500 meters to the southwest of Starbuck Island.

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