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Surf Camps In Hawaii - Riding The Waves In Paradise


Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, and rich culture. But for surfers, it’s also known for its world-class waves. Every year, thousands of surfers from around the world flock to Hawaii to catch some of the best waves in the world.

If you’re looking to take your surfing to the next level, or just want to experience the thrill of surfing in paradise, then surf camps in Hawaiimight be just what you’re looking for.

What Is A Surf Camp?

A surf camp is a place where surfers of all levels can come together to improve their surfing skills, learn new techniques, and ride some of the best waves in the world.

Surf camps offer a variety of programs, from beginner surf lessons to advanced surf coaching, as well as surf tours, yoga classes, and other activities.

Why Choose Hawaii For A Surf Camp?

Hawaii is known for its consistent surf, warm water, and beautiful beaches. It’s home to some of the best waves in the world, including the infamous Pipeline, which draws surfers from around the globe.

Hawaii is also a great place to learn to surf, with plenty of mellow waves for beginners and intermediate surfers.

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Types Of Surf Camps In Hawaii

When it comes to choosing a surf camp in Hawaii, there are various options to choose from, depending on your skill level, interests, and preferences.

Here are some of the most popular types of surf camps in Hawaii:

Beginner Surf Camps

If you’re new to surfing, a beginner surf camp in Hawaii is an excellent place to start. These camps cater to novice surfers, offering a safe and supportive environment to learn and practice the fundamentals of surfing.

Beginner surf camps typically provide surf lessons, equipment rentals, and plenty of mellow waves suitable for learning. They may also include other activities, such as yoga classes, cultural experiences, and beach games.

Intermediate Surf Camps

Intermediate surf camps in Hawaii are designed for surfers who have some experience but want to improve their skills and take their surfing to the next level.

These camps offer advanced surf coaching, video analysis, and access to some of the best waves in Hawaii. Intermediate surfers can benefit from the expertise of professional surf coaches who can provide personalized feedback and guidance to help them progress.

Women’s Surf Camps

Women’s surf camps in Hawaii are tailored specifically for female surfers of all levels, from beginners to advanced. These camps provide a supportive and empowering environment, with female surf coaches and fellow surfers to connect with.

Women’s surf camps offer an opportunity for female surfers to develop their skills, build confidence, and create lasting friendships.

Family Surf Camps

Family surf camps in Hawaii offer a fun and safe environment for families to learn to surf together. These camps provide a variety of activities for both parents and kids, such as surf lessons, beach games, and cultural experiences.

Family surf camps enable families to bond over a shared love of surfing and create lasting memories.

Choosing The Right Surf Camp In Hawaii

When selecting a surf camp in Hawaii, there are several factors to consider, such as location, cost, program, and reputation.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right surf camp for you:


Hawaii is home to several surf spots, each with its own unique characteristics and wave conditions. Some surf camps are located in more secluded and less crowded areas, while others are situated in popular tourist destinations.

Consider the type of waves you want to surf, the level of crowd you’re comfortable with, and the overall vibe of the location.


Surf camps in Hawaii can vary greatly in cost, depending on the length of the program, the level of amenities and services provided, and the reputation of the camp.

Consider your budget and compare the cost of different camps to find the one that offers the best value for money.


Each surf camp in Hawaii has its own program, with different activities, lessons, and schedules. Consider the type of program that suits your skill level and interests, whether you’re looking for a beginner-focused program or an advanced coaching experience.


It’s essential to research the reputation of the surf camp you’re considering, to ensure that it’s reputable, safe, and reliable.

Check reviews and testimonials from past guests, and look for camps that have a proven track record of providing high-quality surf instruction and customer service.

What To Expect At Surf Camps In Hawaii

If you're considering a surf camp in Hawaii, it's important to know what to expect. From surfing and yoga to cultural activities and surf tours, here's a breakdown of what you can expect at a surf camp in Hawaii.


Surf camps in Hawaii typically offer a range of accommodation options, from shared dorm-style rooms to private suites.

Many camps are located near the beach, offering stunning ocean views and easy access to the waves. Some camps also offer amenities such as pools, hot tubs, and outdoor lounges.


Most surf camps in Hawaii provide meals as part of their all-inclusive packages. These meals are often locally sourced and feature fresh, healthy ingredients.

Depending on the camp, meals may be served buffet-style or as plated meals. Some camps also offer vegetarian or vegan options, as well as accommodations for specific dietary restrictions.

Surf Lessons

Surf lessons are a core component of any surf camp in Hawaii. Lessons are typically led by experienced surf coaches who provide personalized instruction to help you improve your skills. Depending on the camp, lessons may take place in small groups or one-on-one.

Equipment Rentals

If you don't have your own surf equipment, most surf camps in Hawaii offer equipment rentals. This includes surfboards, wetsuits, and other surf accessories.

Make sure to check with the camp ahead of time to see what equipment is included in the package and what additional equipment you may need to rent.

Yoga Classes

Many surf camps in Hawaii also offer yoga classes as part of their programming. These classes are designed to help surfers improve their flexibility, balance, and strength, which can ultimately enhance their surfing ability.

Yoga classes may be offered in the morning or evening and may take place on the beach or in a studio.

Cultural Activities

In addition to surfing and yoga, many surf camps in Hawaii offer cultural activities that give surfers a deeper appreciation for the local culture. This may include hula dancing, lei making, or visits to historical sites and landmarks.

Surf Tours

Some surf camps in Hawaii also offer surf tours, which take surfers to different breaks around the island. These tours are led by experienced surf guides who know the best spots to surf based on the current conditions.

Surf tours are a great way to explore the island and surf some of the best waves Hawaii has to offer.

People Also Ask

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Go To Hawaii For A Surf Camp?

The best time of year to go to Hawaii for a surf camp depends on the location and the type of waves you’re looking to surf.

Generally, the winter months (November-March) are best for big wave surfing on the North Shore of Oahu, while the summer months (May-September) are better for mellow waves and beginner surfers on the South and West shores of the islands.

It’s best to do some research on the specific location and camp you’re interested in to determine the best time of year to visit.

What Should I Bring To A Surf Camp In Hawaii?

You’ll want to bring your surf gear, including a wetsuit (if necessary), surfboard, leash, and wax. You may also want to bring a rash guard, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Some surf camps provide equipment rentals, so be sure to check with the camp before packing.

Do I Need To Be A Good Swimmer To Attend A Surf Camp In Hawaii?

While it’s not required to be an expert swimmer to attend a surf camp in Hawaii, it’s important to be comfortable in the water. Surfing involves a lot of paddling and being able to swim back to shore if necessary.

If you’re not a strong swimmer, it may be beneficial to take some swimming lessons before attending a surf camp.

Are Surf Camps In Hawaii Only For Experienced Surfers?

No, surf camps in Hawaii are available for surfers of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Many camps offer programs specifically designed for beginners, with mellow waves and surf lessons.

If you’re an experienced surfer, there are also camps with advanced coaching and access to some of the best waves in Hawaii.

How Much Does A Surf Camp In Hawaii Cost?

The cost of a surf camp in Hawaii varies depending on the camp, the location, and the length of the program.

Some camps offer all-inclusive packages that include accommodations, meals, and surf lessons, while others may only offer surf lessons and equipment rentals. On average, a week-long surf camp in Hawaii can range from $1,000 to $3,000.


Surf camps in Hawaii offer an exciting and rewarding experience for surfers of all levels and interests. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn to surf or an experienced surfer seeking advanced coaching, there’s a surf camp in Hawaii that suits your needs.

By choosing the right surf camp, you can improve your surfing skills, explore the beauty of Hawaii, and make lasting memories with fellow surfers.

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