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Things To Do In Seattle When It Rains - Make Yourself An Unforgettable Day


Seattle is known for being a rainy city and provides a ton of activities to do when the weather is bad, including theaters, aquariums, museums, and indoor mini golf.

Rain or shine, locals in Seattle never let it stop them from having fun, and if you want to learn about Seattle like a local, you won't either. In reality, there are a lot ofthings to do in Seattle when it rains.

You'll find lots to do here for a wonderful trip, whether you're traveling with children, enjoying a romantic getaway, taking part in a group retreat, or visiting for any other reason. See some of the things to do in Seattle when it rains.

Enjoy The Performing Arts

Group of people eating pizza
Group of people eating pizza

Take advantage of the rain to stay inside and take in some of Seattle's world-famous performing arts! The Emerald City offers everything, from Broadway shows to modern dance.

The following are notable venues for entertainment:

  • Paramount Theatre.
  • Moore Theatre.
  • Meany Hall for the Performing Arts.
  • Neptune Theatre.
  • Benaroya Hall.
  • The 5th Avenue Theatre.

Seattle Aquarium

The building where the Seattle Aquarium is located
The building where the Seattle Aquarium is located

A 360-degree dome at the Seattle Aquarium is located underneath a 400,000-gallon tank of underwater life, including a large octopus, and allows visitors to virtually walk on the ocean floor.

You may visit the seal and otter exhibits, where these gorgeous and cute animals will melt your heart, and the puffin exhibit, where you can view a moon jellyfish ring gleaming in the dark seas.

The aquarium has both indoor and outdoor displays and is situated right on the waterfront of Seattle, not far from the city's center.

You can go above ground to take advantage of the outdoor entertainment if the weather improves.

Volunteer Park Conservatory

Blooming flowers in front of a greenhouse
Blooming flowers in front of a greenhouse

A century-old greenhouse called the Volunteer Park Conservatory is home to a top-notch collection of native and exotic flora as well as a water tower that provides sweeping city vistas.

The Conservatory, which is comprised of more than 3,400 separate glass panes, is a magnificent sight to behold.

The scaling water tower in the park provides breathtaking panoramic views of the city during pauses in the rain, allowing you to see things like the Space Needle, the waterfront area, and the skyline.

Chihuly Garden And Glass

A woman walking inside the Chihuly Garden And Glass and looking at the big orange flowers
A woman walking inside the Chihuly Garden And Glass and looking at the big orange flowers

The center of glass art in the United States is Chihuly Garden and Glass, which features vibrant exhibits by internationally famous artist Dale Chihuly with fanciful patterns, plants, and blown-glass art.

If the clouds clear, be sure to visit the outdoor section as well because this beautiful collection features both indoor and outdoor attractions.

You can have some food at the on-site restaurant, and you can discover the ideal memento in the bookstore and gift shop that serves both functions.

The garden hosts activities all year round, including cocktail parties and yoga workshops.

Check the calendar before you go since certain special events call for tickets. It is situated in Seattle's downtown core.

People Also Ask

Is Seattle Famous For Rain?

Due to the number of days with precipitation, Seattle has earned the title of being the rainiest city.

How Do You Enjoy A Rainy Day?

  • Play games.
  • Check out a nice book.
  • Consider giving a crossword puzzle a try.
  • watch a TV program you like.
  • Spend time knitting or crocheting.
  • Enjoy some sunlight indoors.
  • Connect to social media.

Why Is It Raining So Much In Seattle 2022?

For western Washington, these ocean and atmospheric circumstances normally support a more active weather pattern, which raises the possibility of colder temperatures and above-average amounts of rain and snow.


You don't want to spend the day indoors, do you? Follow local customs and enjoy the rain! With a little experience, you can go on no matter what is falling from the skies.

You'll get the chance to see Seattle in its natural setting as you stroll around the wet metropolis. And since fewer people will be there, the rain will only improve the atmosphere at each place.

Do not be discouraged by the rainy weather! In Seattle, there are many things to do on a rainy day.

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