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Birnie Island - Uninhabited Coral Island


The Phoenix Island group includes the tiny, uninhabited coral island of Birnie Island, which is 20 hectares in size and a part of the Republic of Kiribati. It is about 90 miles west-northwest of Rawaki Island.

Which used to be called Phoenix Island, and is about 100 km southeast of Kanton Island. At only 1.2 kilometers in length and 0.5 kilometers in width, Birnie Island is small. Although there isn't an anchorage, one can land on the lee coast.

The Birnie Island Wildlife Sanctuary is the name given to the island. The Phoenix Islands Protected Area was established by Kiribati in 2006, and it was enlarged in 2008. There are eight coral atolls in the 164,200 square mile marine reserve, including Birnie Island.

Except a tiny, shallow lagoon in its southeast region, Birnie Island is low and dry. There are largely low bushes and grass; there are no trees. It was previously a home for rabbits.

There is flora there as well as a sizable number of seabirds that roost there. Because the island is tranquil, Birnie Island was declared a wildlife reserve in 1975. The Phoenix Islands Protected Area currently includes it.

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The Culture Of The Birnie Isle

They employ some of the friendliest individuals who are consistently pleasant and helpful. According to reports, the Birnie Island Beach protected area contains the biggest collection of marine species anywhere on the globe.

Low and dry, Birnie Island Beach has a tiny, shallow lagoon in its southeast section that has almost completely dried up. A group of tourists visiting Birnie Island Beach proved that it is the most impressive coastline in Kiribati.

The best vantage points at dawn and dusk will allow you to see a beautiful display of colors become visible. It lacks trees and is largely covered with low bushes and grass, along with the sizable seabird colonies that roost there.

Blue and White Boat on Body of Water
Blue and White Boat on Body of Water

Birnie Island Beach Kiribati

Birnie Island Beach is well-known for its beautiful shorelines all around the world. At Birnie Island Beach, there are several gorgeous shorelines, and the vast majority of them are perfect and peaceful.

The beaches of Birnie Island are calm, and generally of good quality, and they boast some of the world's greatest coastlines. The tourism industry is charged with the duty of maintaining clean, waste-free shorelines.

One of the largest marine protected areas in the world is the beach at Birnie Island. One of the greatest places to spend your holiday amid nature is Birnie Island Beach, which is well known for its lovely white, smooth sand.

On the beach at Birnie Island, you may go fishing as well as observe birds from a chair. The Beach at Birnie Island The most frequented destination in Kiribati is its coastline, and Birnie Island Beach is a popular spot for water sports and holiday retreat travel tours.

Birnie Island

Hotels To Stay At On Birnie Island

  • Beach bungalow at Terau.
  • Lodge Fema.
  • Kiribati's George Hotel.
  • Inn Utirerei.
  • The Dreamers Guesthouse.

People Also Ask

Where Exactly Are The Birnie Islands?

In the west-central Pacific Ocean, 1,650 miles (2,650 km) southwest of Hawaii, are the Phoenix Islands, a collection of coral atolls that are a part of Kiribati.

Who Owns The Birnie Islands?

The Birnie Islands are a part of the Republic of Kiribati.

Can You Fly To Kiribati?

Fiji Airways serves Kiritimati International Airport in Kiritimati by direct flights from Fiji Airways to Kiribati.


Birnie Island is an amazing place to visit with family! You will see a natural beauty there. Birnie Island Beach is a top location due to its clean sand and breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. Birnie Island Beach, which has a beautiful coastline, is ranked first. The pristine beach stretches for miles in the warm sun.

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