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Phoenix Island - Group Of Coral Atolls


Phoenix Island, also known as Rawaki, is a collection of eight atolls and two underwater coral reefs that are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, north of Samoa, east of the Gilbert Islands, and west of the Line Islands.

They are a component of the Kiribati Republic. The total size of their land is 28 square kilometers (11 sq mi). Canton Island is the only island with significant significance for commerce (also called Abariringa).

The other islands are Manara, which used to be called Sydney, Enderbury, Nikumaroro, which used to be called Gardner, Rawaki, which used to be called Phoenix, Birnie, McKean, and Orona, which used to be called Hull.

About 120 varieties of coral and more than 500 species of fish may be found in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, one of the biggest protected areas in the world. It was created in 2008. A few people live on Kanton Island, but none of the other islands in the Phoenix group are inhabited.

The People Of Phoenix Island

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The bulk of the Micronesian population speaks Gilbertese (or I-Kiribati). The official language, English, is also extensively spoken, particularly in Tarawa. The majority of the remaining population is Kiribati Protestant, while more than half are Roman Catholics (Congregational).

The Mormon and Baha'i faiths are practiced by a small minority. Because so many people moved to South Tarawa's rapidly growing cities, where more than half of the population now lives, the population of most of the islands has stayed mostly the same for a long time.

Green Mountain Surrounded by Body of Water
Green Mountain Surrounded by Body of Water

Activities In And Around Phoenix Island Resort

Weddings, Parties, Socials

A wonderful wedding requires a lovely location. With its magical backwaters, sugar-white beaches, and blue ocean, this place in Poovar is the perfect place for a beach wedding in Kerala.

Boat Rides

Poovar is fortunate to have a wide diversity of flora and wildlife because of its position and backwaters. You at the Phoenix Island Resort in Poovar provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see and appreciate its beauty.

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The Phoenix Islands, Kiribati, Pacific Ocean

Phoenix Island Resort Sanya

The 4-star Phoenix Island Resort Sanya, which has a restaurant and offers luggage storage, is located in the Sanya Bay neighborhood, next to Haiyue Plaza and about 5 minutes walk from Phoenix Island. This Sanya resort offers laundry services, dry cleaning, and turn-down service.

The Sanya center is accessible by foot in 30 minutes. The opulent hotel is about a 25-minute stroll from Sanya Coral Reef National Nature Reserve.

This commercial building comprises 67 rooms, each of which has a balcony and a dining space. There is also Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, and a mini fridge bar. A roll-in shower, a separate toilet, and conveniences like hair dryers and shower caps are also available to visitors.

People Also Ask

Are The Phoenix Islands Inhabited?

A few people live on Kanton Island, but none of the other islands in the Phoenix group are inhabited.

Can You Visit The Phoenix Islands?

There is no tourism infrastructure in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, and getting there is challenging.

Where Is Phoenix Island?

Located 1,650 miles southwest of Hawaii in the west-central Pacific Ocean, the Phoenix Islands are a collection of coral atolls that are a part of Kiribati.


In the Southern Pacific Ocean, there is a 408,250 sq. km. area of marine and terrestrial ecosystems known as the Phoenix Island Protected Area (PIPA). The area is the largest Marine Protected Area in the world, and one of Kiribati's three island groups, the Phoenix Island Group, is in it.

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