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Christmas Island - Home To Red Crabs, Sea Birds, And Whale Sharks


Christmas Island is in the Indian Ocean, 2600 kilometers from Perth and 1500 kilometers west of the Australian continent. Despite being an Australian territory, Indonesia is Christmas Island's closest neighbor; it is located around 350 kilometers to the north.

From Jakarta, the island is around 500 kilometers away. The second-closest neighbor is the Australian territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands, which is 985 kilometers to the west. Because of Christmas Island's isolation, a remarkable variety of plants and animals, including unique birds and land crabs, have flourished there.

Despite its relative isolation, Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia all have direct flights to Christmas Island. The civilizations on Christmas Island are quite diverse.

Around 2000 individuals make up the population, which also includes numerous Chinese and Malay Australians and residents of the mainland. The staff of national parks reflects this diversity of cultures.

Scuba Diving On Christmas Island

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Christmas Island boasts some of the most exceptional marine life in the world and is regarded as one of the greatest diving locations in Australia. The reef is home to a wide variety of species, including gobies, butterfly fish, wrasse, and many more.

If you're fortunate, you could spot some of the bigger fish, like trevally, tuna, or perhaps a reef shark. You could even get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view a whale shark, the biggest fish in the world, from November to April.

These gentle giants move through the water with such grace that it's unlike anything else you'll see and will leave you with a memory you'll never forget. Christmas Island not only contains a plethora of marine life, but it also features one of the longest drop-offs in the world.

A tropical reef that falls into the ocean's depths and is accessible in certain places from the island's shoreline, just 20 meters away, provides some of the greatest wall diving chances on earth. What's not to love about this place? Untouched coral, warm, clear water, and simply amazing marine life.

Aerial View of White Boat Traveling Near Green Island
Aerial View of White Boat Traveling Near Green Island

Best Christmas Island Accommodations

The list of the top hotels on Christmas Island is provided below.

The Sundown

The Sunset in Flying Fish Cove is 12 miles from The Dales. It has a swimming pool outside, free private parking, a garden, and grills.

Island Time Guest Room

The Island Time Guest Room offers lodging with an outdoor swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour front desk, and a common kitchen at Flying Fish Cove, which is 13 miles from The Dales.

The Cocos Padang Lodge

The Cocos Padang Lodge at Flying Fish Cove, which is 2.6 miles from Drum site and 5.6 miles from Flying Fish Cove, has a garden and a sea view.

Villa Papaya

Papaya Cottage is situated in Settlement, 164 feet from the Christmas Island National Park and 328 feet from the Indian Ocean.

Ocean View Apartments

The Ocean View Apartments, which are 12 miles from The Dales, include complimentary bikes, air-conditioned lodging with a terrace, and free WiFi.

Vq3 Lodge

VQ3 Lodge, which is 13 miles from The Dales and is situated in Flying Fish Cove on Christmas Island, offers lodgings with free WiFi, BBQ pits, a garden, and free private parking.

Hibiscus House

About 3 kilometers from Flying Fish Cove, Hibiscus House offers rooms with patios, electric teapots, and garden views.

Christmas Island - A Natural Wonder

National Park On Christmas Island

Christmas Island, an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean southwest of Indonesia, is home to Christmas Island National Park, which takes up the majority of the island. Numerous varieties of animals and plants may be found in the park, including the red crab that bears its name.

Every year, some 100 million of these crabs go to the sea to reproduce. Scientists care a lot about Christmas Island because it is the only place where the highly endangered Christmas Island frigatebird and the endangered Abbott's booby can lay their eggs.

People Also Ask

Why Is Christmas Island So Famous?

Because of Christmas Island's most well-known red crabs, seabirds, whale sharks, and breathtaking coral reefs.

Is Christmas Island Worth Visiting?

Yes, it is worthwhile to travel there to see the enormous robber crabs, waterfalls, snorkeling, and other fascinating wildlife.

Is Food Expensive On Christmas Island?

The cost of food on Christmas Island is high. Some people estimate that a grocery bag costs $100.


The archetypal Paradise Island in the tropics is not Christmas Island. The island is referred to as the "Galápagos of the Indian Ocean" and is well-known for its red crabs, seabirds, whale sharks, and magnificent coral reefs.

It is home to a fascinating blend of cultures and some of the most amazing natural beauty in the world. It is closer to Asia than mainland Australia. Take a trip from Perth to Christmas Island to see a natural wonderland that hasn't been touched by humans.

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