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Palmerston Island - A Coral Atoll In The Cook Islands


A huge lagoon surrounds Palmerston island, which is shaped like a delicate necklace in the Pacific with a coral reef, white beaches, six sand Motus, and a coral reef strung throughout. Although the tiny islands of Palmerston, North Island, Lee To Us, Leicester, Primrose, Tons.

Cooks have a combined land area of just around one square mile, the coral reef, which surrounds a stunning blue lagoon with a width of seven miles, is nearly 3,600 acres. The lagoon, which is flecked with kara, or coral heads, is the principal source of revenue for this little town.

The abundance of shellfish and parrot fish makes them staples of the cuisine. They often appear at the dinner table and are exported to Rarotonga as soon as the ship docks. Palm trees, pandanus, and indigenous plants abound in the island's beautiful vegetation.


The people who live on the island now are descended from William Masters, who took care of Palmerston and settled the island with his three or four Penrhynese wives in 1862. These people have both Polynesian and English roots.

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Following Palmerston's annexation by the British government in 1891, Masters was given a lease on the atoll that was later extended to endure until 1954. The family received control of Palmerston the next year. In 1901, the atoll and the neighboring Cook Islands were placed under New Zealand's control.

Palmerston Island Satellite Shot
Palmerston Island Satellite Shot


Palmerston Island is perched on an atoll, or submerged old volcano, that rises 13,123 feet (4,000 m) above the ocean's surface. More than a dozen sandy motu (coral islands) make up the atoll, which is made up of a coral reef and a lagoon.

North Island, Leicester, Primerose, Toms, Cooks, and Palmerston are the atoll's major Motus; the latter is the only one that is continuously populated. The islands together span roughly one square mile (2.6 km2) of land and are covered with pandanus and coconut trees.


The inhabitants of Palmerston Island are loyal, honest, and industrious. Despite not being morbidly religious and enjoying a good party as much as the next guy, they have a great deal of respect for their faith and customs.

The sole communication with the outside world on the isolated islands is via the telephone service. Try to bring some presents when you come. Reading material and fruit are always welcomed, and gasoline is appreciated.

There is conflict among the three major family groupings, as there is in every small town. You should be careful not to make any unwarranted remarks about the islanders' politics as a tourist.

More About Palmerston Island

It is one of the world's most remote island villages. The small Pacific island of Palmerston only receives supply ship visits twice a year, at most, and the perilous trek scares away all but the most daring tourists.

Additionally, most of its 62 residents, most of whom are Englishmen who moved there 150 years ago are descended from one individual. Moving nonstop for nine days. Being unable to stand for nine days on a boat.

Nine days, spent hundreds of miles from help and in constant danger of being struck by a tropical cyclone. The Pacific Ocean is big. Larger than one might expect. The trip to the island at the edge of the planet is described here.

Palmerston Island, One Of The Most Remote and Beautiful Places In The World!

Elegant And Affordable

One of the most picturesque communities in the whole of the Cooks is located on this idyllic island. Visitors are warmly welcomed to this spotless place. Most of them are regular sailboats exploring the water, and they come in through the one main opening in small boats.

They wisely arrive outside the hurricane season, since storms might interrupt this serenity. Fortunately, they haven't been able to topple the original house Masters constructed from shipwreck lumber, which was buried nearly three meters deep to provide a strong foundation that has kept it standing for more than a century. In this remote place, where fish, taro, and breadfruit are plentiful, it is important to live off the land.

People Also Ask

Can You Live On Palmerston Island?

Palmerston is home to 57 individuals, all but three of whom are descended from English sailor William Marsters.

Can You Visit Palmerston Island?

The majority of guests come on private yachts, and the island receives around a dozen cruise ships each year.

Where Are The Palmerston Cook Islands?

Palmerston Atoll, commonly known as Avarau, is a self-governing atoll in free association with New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean. It is located in the southern Cook Islands.


A continuous ring of coral reefs around a lagoon includes many sandy islands, including Palmerston Island. The islands' total land area is around one square mile (2.6 square km). There are roughly 3,600 acres of coral reef (15 square km).

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