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Jane's Kiribati Home Page


Jane's Kiribati Home Page



This Web site has been developed by an I-Kiribati (Kiribati person) for the people of Kiribati, friends of Kiribati and as an aid to visitors who are always most welcome. It is also for those friends wishing to find out a little more about the Republic of Kiribati (formerly the Gilbert Islands (including Banaba), as well as the Line Islands and Phoenix Group).

Scattered over a vast expanse of the Central Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Kiribati in Micronesia lies astride the Equator and comprises thirty-three islands each of which with its own unique culture, customs, rituals, history, myths and legends and lifestyle.

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The name "Kiribati" is the local language equivalent of the word "Gilberts" and is pronounced "Ki-ri-bas."

The Republic of Kiribati is made up of three groups of islands:

  • Gilbert Group (16 islands, plus Banaba, including the capital Tarawa);
  • Line Islands, (The Northern Equatorial Islands) consisting of eight islands including the unique and beautiful Kiritimati (Christmas Island, the world's largest atoll in land area), Fanning Island (Tabuaeran) and Millennium Island (formerly Caroline Island) so named as it was the first to greet the dawn of the new millennium; and
  • Phoenix Group (eight islands) which includes Canton Island (Kanton) and Hull Island (Orona).

Please come with me on a journey to the beautiful and enchanting islands of the Republic of Kiribati. This can easily be undertaken by clicking on any of the Links on the Menu to the left. For new visitors it will be the trip of a lifetime, and for old friends it will be a journey to remember and treasure once more.

Also included is information on accommodation and travel to/from and within the Republic of Kiribati.

A Chat Room and The Republic of Kiribati Web Forum have been made available for the use of all welcome visitors. Should you require further information about the Republic of Kiribati and for comments about the content of this Web site, feel free to contact me at jane@janeresture.com or use either our Message Board (below) or The Republic of Kiribati Web Forum - ara tabo ni maroro!

Kam bati n rabwa ao Ti a boo moa! - Thank you very much and Goodbye for now!

Micronesia Music Anthology

Welcome everybody to Micronesia Music Anthology which is available on Micronesia Music Radio.

The anthology can be accessed by clicking on the 'Broadcast Schedule' after logging in to Micronesia Music Radio. This should allow you to determine when the anthology is available in your part of the world. For example, in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia, the anthology is available at 12 noon each Saturday. In Kiribati, the anthology is available each Saturday afternoon at 2 pm; California at 7 pm each Friday evening; New York at 10 pm each Friday evening, along with Florida and Boston, Massachusetts, USA, etc.

The anthology runs for 90 minutes in which the traditional chants are introduced with many from Kiribati, including Banaba and Rabi, followed by the beautiful songs of Micronesia. Thank you!

Gospel Music

Pacific Islands Radio is very pleased to be able to advise that a collection of some of the most exciting and absorbing gospel music from the Pacific Islands is now being featured on Pacific Music Radio (FM mp3PRO Stereo), Pacific Islands Radio 33K (24 kbps) as well as Pacific Islands Radio 28K (16 kbps).

With an extended running time of three hours, the gospel collection has proved to be extremely popular and features music of a number of very talented artists such as Bata Teinamati, Betania Gospel Singers and Emmaus Family Singers (Republic of Kiribati), Lia Osborne (Fiji), Vanessa Quai (Vanuatu), Aoloau Youth Choir (Samoa), and The Auckland Pacific Gospel Choir.

Please monitor the Broadcast Schedule of the above three Pacific Islands Radio stations for the availability and time of the Gospel Music collection. At present, this exciting collection is available every Sunday from 12 midday to 3 pm Australian eastern standard time.

For further information, please visit the following:


A Kiribati Poem

Kiribati, Abau Kiribati

Like a shimmering string of pearls on a clear blue sea

So strong and yet so delicate you mean so much to me

I miss those coral atolls where gentle breezes flow

A land of remarkable people where friendships seem to grow.

Kiribati, Abau Kiribati I always think of you

Wherever I may travel across the sea so blue

And deep inside me I know that it will be

Kiribati, Abau Kiribati you always think of me.

Your sons and daughters travel away to distant lands

They leave their homes and families so that they will understand

To study truth and knowledge in sadness and in pain and then

Kiribati, Abau Kiribati you welcome them home again.

Kiribati, Abau Kiribati may God�s blessings be on you

To give you strength and courage to see the future through

And may our blessed people hold their heads up high

Kiribati, Abau Kiribati I will love you till I die.

The following poem was inspired in this case by the frigate bird, as shown on our Republic of Kiribati national flag, flying over the ocean to the backdrop of a tropical sunrise. The frigate bird carries messages from place to place and symbolises freedom and power. Looking at the Republic of Kiribati flag, the seventeen rays of the sun represent the seventeen islands of the Gilbert Group including Banaba. The three waves in the lower half of the flag stand for the Gilberts, Phoenix and Line Island Groups. The vast ocean over which the bird is flying is a reminder that Kiribati is a sea territory with far more water than land.

In making a wish upon the frigate bird and the flying fish, it is hoped that they will carry a message of peace from place to place both over and under the vast Pacific Ocean. It is also hoped that this message is one which will allow the people of the Republic of Kiribati, including Banaba, as well as the rest of the world, to live in peace, prosperity and harmony.

My Wish - by Jane Resture

The frigate bird

The flying fish

It is time for us

To make a wish

And I wish for the sunrise

To be beautiful each time

With days that are perfect

And nights so sublime

And I wish for the sunset

To be like a long red sail

Each and every day

And you and I will always stay

Whatever we wish

Will surely come true

And I wish for happiness

For me and you

And I wish for the world

To live in peace

To live and love as one

To a simple beat

And I wish for us all

To have our lives full of love

Full of joy and happiness

And eternal love

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